Keen shoes

Lots of people talk about Keens for walking the cobblestones of Rome - what are the best styles for June weather? Hopefully one that could be worn with pants or skirt.

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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There are lots of styles of Keen now. Really, the best style will be the one that feels the best on YOUR foot! There are sandals, a Mary jane styles, closed toe, etc. I like Keen footwear, but personally for travel I use my Chaco sandals that have lots of straps to hold my foot in place. Both brands offer a great arch support and good cushioning underfoot. personally, in June I'd wear sandals to keep your feet cool. do expect to have dirty feet by the end of the day! Don't make the mistake and wear socks with these shoes. Not sure of your age, or fashion, so you have decide which style YOU like.
Here's the link to the website... I'd recommend looking at the BLVD collection, maybe the Naples for pants and skirt and still stylish, not so outdoorsy? Do try several styles, and make sure you've worn them here for several days of walking before you pack them for your trip!

Posted by Jan
Spokane, WA, USA
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Keens are really wide and really casual. Check out Taos sandals. I had great luck with them last summer, most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They were dressy enough for restaurants and churches, sturdy enough to walk many miles and through ruins and perfect for the season.

Posted by Kathryn
Pottstown, PA, USA
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I find Clarks to be very comfortable and they have everything from heels to sandals. I'm taking a pair of wave cruise(older model of casual maryjanes)and a pair of slightly dressier low heeled rockports to wear with slacks and skirts.

Posted by Valerie
Elma, Wa
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I have had success with keen, naot , for close toed. merrel gladiator style or naya glad. Style. Walked all over including cinqua terra. Naot best but most expensive. So value wise merrell good choice. Have fun, shoes do matter so pay the extra you won't regret it.

Posted by Barbara
poughkeepsie, ny, usa
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Thanks to all - I have an open toe Keen sandal that went all through Asia and I have just ordered a pair of Keen presidio and Clark wave cruise - I am sure one should work as the 2nd pair. Hopefully my feet will be as happy to see Italy as I will be>

Posted by Jennifer
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I've had Keens that I liked for travel, and also Taos. My personal favs are Jambu, J-41, and for a dressier look Rieker (I put in an extra padded orthotic or liner). Certain Teva sandals are good too. Overall, just remember the PADDING as the cobblestones can be rough. If you get into foot pain, stop into a pharmacy and load up on gel heelpads, liners, etc. Many now come with stickon stuff so they can be stuck to the insole of a sandal as well. Sometimes I stick a few of these into my suitcase before leaving home.