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JFK to Venice/Rome --what airlines ?

What has been the best airline anybody has used from New York's JFK to Venice and home from Rome to JFK ? Has anybody done a non stop ..I'm looking for slighter bigger seats ( not first class since you need a 2nd mortgage for that ) What have been the airline speople have used .


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Patrick, go to to check the "seat pitch" (distance from one seat to the next) on any airline/plane that you may consider. In the past AA had the best leg room in "steerage". The next tip is to get a seat in a "bulkhead" or "exit row" in "steerage". Many airlines only assign those seats at the gate, and the 1st person to ask to have his seating assignment moved to one of these rows usually is the winner. (That means that you are standing at the counter when they 1st allow you to check in!) That is how I usually got these seats on my flights. I think that AA is changing its policy, and is now assigning some of these seats, or charging slightly more..