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Jewelry Shopping in Florence

My wife is looking for some nice shops to buy sterling silver jewelry. Any help?

Thanks, John

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If memory serves, you'll want to check out the Ponte Vecchio which is loaded with silver shops.

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Thanks for the reply regarding the Ponte Vecchio. She looking for shops with more contempory designs which I should have noted in my original email.

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Ponte Vecchio is the place for jewelry shopping in Florence,as the other poster noted, however,I didn't notice much sterling silver jewelry...only gold. That was 3-4 years ago, so perhaps they've added silver??

You can also shop the local markets, but that's mostly costume stuff. Or check out the departments stores.

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We purchased a lovely characteristically designed ring on the Ponte Vecchio this summer in white gold. It sounds like you are looking for something very specific. According to the shopkeepers we met and things we read, Florence is traditionally about gold. I'm sure you could find modern sterling silver designs but they wouldn't necessarily be a uniquely Florentine piece.

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I like silver jewelry and didn't see much if any on the Ponte Vecchico as I recall. If there was any there I'm sure I would have found some to buy. Florentine gold is what the city is famous for....

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There is minimal sterling silver jewelry on the Ponte Vecchio. I also love sterling jewelry and could not find much of a selection. I ended up going on the other side of the Ponte Vecchio and I found some pieces but not what I was looking for. Maybe someone at your hotel can suggest a place.

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John - some spots to look at:

Spinelli (Via Gordigiani near the train station)
Buccellati (Ponte vecchio)
Tozzi (Ponte Vecchio - especially old silver)
Brandimarte (Viale Ariosto near Porta Romana)

You can search the names and look on their websites. Note that "Sterling Silver" is an American expression. You will not see it stamped on Italian silver. Silver here has the weight stamped on it... 925 is the equivilant of "sterling" I believe?

I looked this up a few years ago when we were headed to Firenze. Here's a link that lists others:

Good Luck!

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Florence is famous for their gold. I don't recall seeing much silver there.