Jet Ski Rental in Cinque Terre or Sorrento

My husband and I would like to rent Jet Skis while we are in Italy this summer... either in Cinque Terre or Sorrento... any advice?

Posted by Antuany
Chicago, IL, United States
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I just got back from a trip to Cinque Terre a little over a week ago, and did not see any Jet Skis, either on the water or in shops. During a trip to the the Amalfi coast(July) & the Greek Islands (April) 9 and 10 years ago, I didn't see any Jet skis either. Maybe they are an American thing (North & South America)?

Posted by Francis
Eugene, Oregon, USA
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A Google search "Jet Ski Rental Sorrento Italy" will give you three hits. However these are all Hotels that may offer this service only to guests. You have to ask them, if you are not with that hotel.

While in Sorrento in 2007, we didn't see a single Wave Runner or Jet Ski. And we didn't see any at the harbors or the beaches.

There are small outboard boat rentals, 50HP, 16-18 foot center console type boats for rent at about 175 Euros for the day at Marina Grande These appeared to all be detuned to run slow: They barely plane. I couldn't get a straight answer from two different proprietors exactly what the rental terms were. Especially when it came to gas usage and if that was included. I sensed hidden charges, so we passed on it.

P.S. As an avid boater, both sail and powerboats, I have strong opinions of Jet Ski and Wave Runners..... opinions best left unsaid here.

Posted by Terry
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We saw no jet skis in the CT - just lots of kayaks. A quieter alternative.

Posted by Paula
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Posted by Doug
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Wow! What did I miss? Am I guessing correctly that some respondents went off topic and asked why the heck people would want to use jet skis in the CT and Sorrento? 'cause that was my impulse.

Posted by Michael
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Am I the only one who's remembering a thread not too long ago here where someone was bemoaning the fact that you can now rent jet skis in the CT? I would think Monterosso would be the most likely place, but I can't find that thread.

Posted by Brad
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I'm thinking jet skis might not be welcome in CT because it's a national park. I didn't see any while I was there. If they have them, I would expect them at Monterosso or near the edges of the park on either end.

I haven't been to Sorrento so can't say.