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itinerary suggestions Abruzzo and Amalfi Coast

We’re planning to spend 10-ish days this fall with at least 3-4 nights in Abruzzo (Fallascoso, etc.) and would also like to explore parts of Amalfi coast. Probably renting a car and not sure if flying in/out of Rome or a Rome/Naples combo. Looking for suggestions on which airports and whether it makes sense to drive between the 2 areas (Pompeii also on itinerary). Also interested in viewing Amalfi coast from a boat vs navigating the roads around there. Thanks.

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Plug the airports into Google Flights to see what works best. You're a bit tight on time, but it is doable.
You will need a night in Rome at either end because you will not want to drive to Abruzzo on arrival, and if Abruzzo is second, you will likely want to get to Rome the night before a flight out. If you do AC first, then it is an easy train ride from Rome to Salerno.
Clarify what month--AC ferries end in late October (dates may vary).
Airports: try Pescara also, as you will be changing planes anyway.

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How much time are you devoting to the Amalfi Coast?

The suggestions will differ if it’s a 3 or 4 nights visit vs a quick day trip visit.

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We just returned from a 4 night stay in Positano. It was marvelous! You cannot drive there and would have to struggle to find and pay for parking. Just a thought, we took ferries every day tp Capri, Amalfi then bus to Ravello, Sorrento then train to Pompeii. Due to the shortage of ferry schedules, we either had to leave on a ferry at 6:45 for Sorrento then take a train to Pompeii to catch our 11:00 shared Mondo tour. In the end we decided to sleep in, take a later ferry and train combination that got us arriving after the tour had started. We had to pay forty dollars for the tour, but took the RS downloadable audio tour. I had been once before and by using the digital map on the app we were able to see more than we had on the in person tour i did in 2018.

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Thanks all, this gives me food for thought as we continue to plan, appreciate your input.

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It is a quick drive from Abruzzo to Naples, under 3 hours, closer to 2 actually. And it's a beautiful road through the mountains (avoid the Autostrade to Rome and then south, it's way out of the way and crowded.) You will need a car for seeing much of Abruzzo, so just take it on to somewhere near Naples and return it. If at all possible, DO NOT DRIVE in or near Amalfi. I did two years ago (under duress from family) and will never do so again. We had two cars for the family group, both suffered damage from rock walls on narrow streets, hairpin turns etc. One of us also ripped off the side mirror of a stranger's car trying to avoid oncoming traffic on a tiny twisty road. And I have an Italian drivers' license and daily experience driving other Italian roads with no stress. Just a bad idea all around.

Pompeii is ok to drive to/in. On another trip, I took my car into Pompeii town for four days and had no issues driving there or to Herculaneum. We left the car and took the train to Salerno and to Naples to avoid driving in Crazy Town and on the peninsula. two cents is use a car, but judiciously.

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Thanks, Nelly - Really appreciate that detail. We are now flying in/out of Naples and will rent a car @ the airport and drive to Abruzzo for 3-4 days and then back towards Amalfi Coast. We might want to have the car for Pompeii/Herculeneum and then return it somewhere and just finish out the rest of our 3-4 days in Amalfi Coast using public transportation/ferries, etc.

Any suggestions on best towns to stay in on Amalfi Coast that aren’t super crowded (in Mid October) but yet have some walkability to restaurants and access to transportation to get to other areas? (some areas considering Atrani, Praiano, Minori, Ravello) Thanks again for any suggestions.

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Lots of folks here are recommending Salerno as a base for AC. Less crowding, good train access, and charming. Good luck!