itinerary question - CT / Pisa / Tuscany

I'm planning a trip and after leaving Vernazza after sevearal days we are going to Florence and Siena but we want to stop in Pisa for a couple hours. I know the Pisa Central has a bag storage. My question is which of these might be better. My original thought was to take a morning train from Vernazza to Pisa, spend a couple hours in Pisa. Then take a train to Florence. The hotel we are looking at in Florence has a check-in by 4pm. We would spend 2 nights in Florence, then spend 2 nights in Siena. Basically with a late Check-in around 4pm in Florence we would really have 1 day of Florence Museums. My other idea is to not stay in Florence at all and just take a day trip there. Would adding 1 night in Vernazza and Siena be better. So it would be from Vernazza, take a day trip to Pisa, return and spend night in Vernazza. Take the AM train to Siena and stay there. The next day take the bus to Florence for our museum trips, then the next day we have to Siena. One less trip to take our.

Posted by Ken
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Robert, Whether or not to visit Florence will depend on whether you have any interest in seeing the Renaissance art and other sights there such as the Uffizi and/or Accademia. If you're dealing with a "set" time frame and can only see two of the three locations, pick those that interest you the most. Happy travels!

Posted by Robert
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Ken - We are only going to do the Uffizi not the other one. our other time in Florence would be at the Duomo and we want to spend some time just walking across the arno and popping into different artisan shops there and going to the michalenglo pizza for a view. So really only a daytrip is good. That is why I asked about my 2nd idea of staying in Vernazza and doing a daytrip down to Pisa.