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Itinerary question

After 5 nights in Rome my wife and I are going to visit Cinque Terre for 4 nights. Originally we had a 6:30AM flight from Pisa to start journey back to US (freq flyer flight) so night 10 would have been spent in Pisa. Now our flight has been changed and we don't flight out of Pisa until 13:30. So I was wondering is it worth it to visit Lucca in a day and spend the night and take the bus to the Pisa airport or is that just too little of time to spend there? And even with our light packing, seeing the tower and cathedral in Pisa might be hard to do the morning of our flight. We wonder should we go through Pisa without tower. I doubt my life will change either way but I'm curious what other think. Thank you.

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From what I'm gathering, you are seemingly trying to squeeze in Lucca. We enjoyed Lucca.....but not as much as Pisa. A number of board members aren't favorable in regards to Pisa. I think Pisa tower and surroundings trump Lucca.

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Hi Tim,
Personally, I wasn't so crazy about Lucca - for me, it would not be worth a quick trip. I'd just stay in Pisa and enjoy a relaxed day.

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I stayed in Lucca for a few days and loved it. I stayed inside the walls and walked the 4-kilometer circuit, it was great (you can rent bikes). Lots of good restaurants and historical sights, and music everywhere - an afternoon walk gave me chamber music, opera, jazz - just walking past open windows where musicians were practicing (Lucca is Puccini's home).

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Tim, As your flight will be departing from Pisa, my preference would be to spend the time there. If there were any "hitches" with the transportation getting back from Lucca, that could be a problem. Lucca has it's charms (the birthplace of Puccini as I recall), but I found it a bit "underwhelming". Some here really like it, but it's not high on my list of places to re-visit. Happy travels!

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I just want to say that I was only in Pisa and Lucca in 1989 (as a daytrip from Florence) and have not been back since, but I remember Lucca as one of my best travel days - EVER.

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply. Your thoughtful responses were appreciated.