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Itinerary Help, Rome Hotel

I think I have finally figured out an itinerary for our Italy portion of our trip. We don't have a lot of time, because my husband has to work and we are including a cruise kind of in the middle of things. I am traveling with my 18 yr old daughter (her first trip) and my 73 year old parents (they've been to many of the places we are visiting, but aren't very mobile, my mom needs to sit down every so often when she walks)and of course my husband. We are going to spend a couple of days in Rome (mainly for my daughter's benefit), then heading to Sorrento. We will spend three days/two nights there, then head to Siena and spend two to three nights there. From there we head to Venice to pick up a boat that cruises to Dubrovnik and Croatia. After that, we will only have two days to do something. My husband wants to see Switzerland in the worst way, but I think we will have to "settle" for Lake Como due to time constraints, unless people think we can just do a train ride and then hop on a plane. Our main dilemma is car vs. train. My mother's limited mobility is swaying us more towards renting a car (probably minivan) to do Siena for sure, but my husband wants to pick up the car out of Rome, then drop it off in Venice. If this is the case, where should we stay in Rome (does it matter?) We primarily want to see the Vatican/Sistine chapel, then maybe the normal tourist sites (Coliseum, etc). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Janine, Regarding Rome with parents that are not very mobile. There are many places to stop & rest your feet in Rome, but, as far as sightseeing, if your budget will allow, you might want to consider hiring a private guide. Mom & Dad wouldn't have to walk quite as much this way. Even taking the Metro from place to place is tough because there are lots of steps going down to catch the train. And then back up. Basically, it doesn't matter where you stay in Rome, might want to stay close to a bus stop. Keep some of the cards for the hotel with you, in case Mom & Dad get tired & want to take a taxi back to the hotel, you can then give the card to the driver for directions.

Many people like the Piazza Navona/Pantheon area. I happen to like the coliseum area, also, but it is a little further away from some of the other sights. Have a great trip!