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Itinerary for Honeymoon

So my fiance and I just found a great deal for our plane tickets and now have an extra day in Italy. We are flying into Rome on 5/31 and arriving at 830am on 6/1. Our plan is to stay two nights in Rome, take the train to Florence on 6/3, spend a night there and then take a train to Venice and spend the night of 6/4. Our cruise leaves from Venice so we MUST be in Venice on 6/5 by early afternoon. So my question is would you spend two days in Rome like we have planned or stay one night and then spend two nights in Florence? Sorry if this is confusing. It's my first trip to Italy and I want to see as much as I can but also enjoy the trip. Let me know your thoughts and hotel recommendations are always nice! We'd like to stick to the 100-125 euro/night.


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We really want to see as much as we can and i know it is rushed. We have no idea when we will be able to plan another trip. Would staying two nights in Florence and arriving in Venice on 6/5 in the AM be doable? OR do you recommend staying the night in Venice?

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If it were me, I'd do two nights Rome and then two nights Venice. One night stays are not my favorite.

You burn too much time changing locations.

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You can do Florence in half a day if you're pushed. Spend the time in Rome.

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Too much packing and moving. Stay in Rome and Venice - go to Florence another time.

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Ouch, i'm in the love Venice camp and not so crazy about Florence camp. So your revision breaks my heart, not that it matters though.

In my personal opinion, experiencing Venice by going from the train staion to the cruise terminal and then from the deck of a cruise ship 8-12 stories above the water line as you float down the Guideca Canal and out the lagoon into the Adriatic should violate several international treaties. Unfortunately it doesn't and people do it all the time.

I'm personally too much of worrier to arrive on the day of departure for a cruise even though you seem to have plenty of time to do that and lots of people do.

So for my money (and it isn't is it?) you have maybe four choices that would work.

  1. Original plan - not bad just the travel to sightseeing ratio is high. Solution try to get an early start both travel days. only about 1 1/2 hour Rome/Florence and you're having lunch in Florence.
    Stay the night, do the same to Venice the next day. leave Florence by 10:30 and you're having lunch beside the GrandCanal by 13:00. (2 hour trip)

  2. Spend all your extra time in Rome, more than enough stuff to keep you more than busy for the four days. Hop the train and in 4 hours you're in Venice. Although I'd still do three nights Rome and one Venice. Mainly cause I'd worry about a meteor hitting the train track and missing the cruise boarding, but that's just me. ;-)

  3. Do Florence as a drive by pit stop on your way to Venice. Leave Rome by 8am arrive Florence 9:30, stash luggage at train station. Lunch, sight see, get the flavor, dash back to the station, leave Florence by 16:30 arrive Venice 18:30, checked into hotel and having dinner by 20:00. Or leave an hour later and push everything back an hour, dinner by 21:00

  4. Your new plan, which you've seen my thoughts on that.

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I agree with what Ron said. To give you a decent amount of time in Rome and Venice, but if you still want to see Florence, I'd spend 2 nights each in Rome and Venice and see Florence on a day trip when you commute from Rome to Venice... leave early from Rome, drop off your luggage at the train station in Florence, spend the day exploring Florence, get back on the train and arrive at Venice later in the afternoon/evening. That'll be enough time to at least give you a glimpse of each city.