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Italy with Teen Girl

Does anyone have a must-do recommendation for a mother-teen daughter traveling team? My daughter and I are going to Italy in August for 16 days. The first 8 are with a school tour in Rome, but then we're on our own. Flying out of Milan. Any suggestions for a girl who likes to cook, loves cheese, music, theater, and isn't wild about beaches? I'm having trouble narrowing down my options. We've already been to Tuscany and near the Cinque Terre. Haven't been to Venice. Thanks!

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I was just in Venice with 10 undergraduate women and it was their favorite place. (We were in Italy for 16 days--places of residence/stops included: Rome, Pompeii, Siena, Florence, Pisa, Montepulciano, and Venice.) They commented on "how different" and "how romantic" it seemed to be.

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My girls were 18&14 when we went to Italy over Xmas. They both loved climbing the Pisa Tower.The 14 yr old loved Lucca.Both girls had a blast in Venice,where we turned them loose to wander the backstreets with our former 19yr.old Madrid,Spain exchange student,whose family met us there.The girls all chose to attend a Vivaldi concert in a former Venetian church and had an amazing time.They(my girls,not the Spanish one,used to liberal alcohol laws)also loved the fact that several restaurants brought them complimentary mixed drinks,something that would NEVER happen in America!An interesting experience for my 14yr.old was shopping.Her luggage was lost for 8 days,so she had to buy clothes.Everytime she went into a store,the clerks,men and women,had their hands allover her, helping her get the right size.Another HUGE cultural difference!One young female clerk used her hand to "judge"the right bra size!Doing everyday things in another culture was the most eye-opening,interesting thing for them