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Italy with Kids

We are going to be traveling (maybe) to Italy over Christmas break with our 8 year old. Has anyone traveled with an unvaccinated kid? How is that being handled by the Italians? Can you get into museums and restaurants?

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Your child would need to have a negative test to fly to Italy.

I just happened to be on Santa Croce website and found this- so I would expect this applies to all museum type venues.

Following the current provisions to contrast the spreading of the
Coronavirus, access to Santa Croce monumental Complex will be
guaranteed only to visitors in possession of the COVID-19 green
certification/EU digital COVID certificate (Green Pass). The
certification, issued by the national platform of the Italian Ministry
of Health, contains a QR Code to verify its authenticity and validity;
it can either be printed or presented in digital form to our reception
staff together with a valid identity document.

We would like to remind you that the certification is issued free of
charge to all those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 (valid 9
months from the last injection), or have obtained a negative result to
a molecular / antigen test in the previous 48 hours or who have
recovered from COVID-19 (the certificate has a validity of 6 months).
The Covid-19 green certification is not required for children under
the age of 12
and any exempt person in possession of a suitable
medical declaration.

Non-European visitors can access if they have an equivalent
vaccination or recovery certificate, or if they have a negative swab
test certificate performed in the 48 hours prior to the visit.

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What is hard to predict is if the countries you may transfer through on the airlines will effect your status in your destination country. For instance, we had to cancel the Italy part of our [hopefully] upcoming Swiss trip because British Airlines transfer thru Heathrow. Italy requires a quarantine even if transferring thru the UK. Switzerland does not currently.
So I'd recommend flying directly from a US city to your final destination country. Who knows what the status will be in December?
Safe travels!

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As Pat said, no one knows what things will be like in December and she also provides good advice regarding the direct flight from a US city to Italy. If you want to know why, read this thread:

You might also want to follow the US Embassy's website for Italy,, it provides updates on the ever-changing situation. Also note that each region in Italy has different requirements. So what is good in Rome may not be good in Florence. The Embassy website provides a link regarding the different regional requirements.

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We’ve hit a number of tourism spots that require Green pass - as US citizens we just show our vaccine cards and those have been fine. We have a 5 year old and nothing has been required from him, all signs seem to indicate anybody under 12 is waived for requirements.