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Italy - Traveling from US

Hi all - I'm looking for some advice on the Green Pass. I'm an American citizen traveling to Italy 9/2/21. I am vaccinated and have my CDC card. My question is this:

To avoid having to carry my CDC card and passport every where (I've heard this is a thing, if anyone knows please confirm), is there a way for us to get temporary Green Certificate status while in Italy?


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Covid or not, as a non EU citizen you must carry your passport everywhere. It's the law.

Nobody knows how the Covid situation will be in February. Up to December 31st, if you want to dine inside, enter a museum and get on long distance/high speed trains you must carry your CDC card and your passport. You can show a digital version of the CDC card.

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Italy, to date, has chosen not to issue an EU Covid Green Pass to non-residents, so your CDC card is all you have.

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Thanks for confirming. We've seen this information but I had read in a forum something about a temporary green pass.

Dario - Sorry American date format September 2nd! Appreciate the information.

Thanks again.

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Make sure you get your antigen covid test before you leave. Sept 1st is required to enter Italy from the US even if you are vaccinated

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We returned from Italy a little over a week ago. You quickly get used to carrying and pulling out your passport and CDC card. We did for all tourist sites and the few times we ate indoors at a restaurant.

We paper clipped CDC card to passport so could look at photo page and CDC card at same time. That worked well and meant one less thing to keep track off.

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My current plan is to enter Italy on October 8th via train from France. At that point I will have been in the Schengen Zone for 14+ days so I'm thinking I will just need the CDC card and of course passport. Maybe I can photo the CDC card and show it on my phone to minimize the risk of losing it or otherwise damaging it. Of course I'll have the real thing if they want me to get it out. All of the above is subject to change of course in the world of covid.

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We just got back and yes carried passports and CDC cards everywhere. You get used to it. We have passport covers that we just slipped the cards inside so it was all in one handy little package.