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Italy travel tour during Covid 2021

Hey everyone!
Went to a neighborhood party last night with vaccinated friends that went on a Tauck Venice Florence Rome tour last week. They were on the first Tauck trip of 2021. They were thrilled! They said that everything was open and the locals were thrilled to see tourists. They only had 3 couples out of 13 attending. The rest cancelled. Needless to say- Venice was quiet and peaceful. Just wanted to let all of the travelers know. We are looking forward to “Best of Italy” 2022.
Great to hear the feedback. We are vaccinated as well and hoping for a safe 2022 trip as well. Hope this gives you a bit of comfort if you are planning Italy travel for next year. Fingers crossed…

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Thanks for the report. It is indeed good news! Here's to happy healthy travels for everyone in the months ahead!

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Perhaps your friends can report what if any special precautions the tour company did, or offered in order to facilitate touring. For example, did they collect documentation on tax/tests etc., to cover the entry requirements at hotels & sights. Or did they help identify or arrange where pre-departure testing could be done?

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Hi Stan,
Great feedback and unfortunately wasn’t able to delve deep into those details. If I see them again any time soon I will for sure ask and report back.

Sounds like they had such a wonderful trip! Only 3 couples showed up yet the Tauck tour company gave it a go. So happy all went without any incident and Italy was magical for my neighbors.

I’m so excited for our Best of Italy September 2022 with Rick Steve’s tours. I feel much better not having to make a decision yet about travel 2021 and so happy to hear from others venturing out this year they had zero issues and a fabulous time!
Just wanted to pass along this positive note in an unfriendly travel year for most!
Happy travels, friends! Lisa

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We are in Florence now and everything is open to Americans. Traveling with only the CDC card which works like the "Green Card." Traveled on trains and generally have not had to show anything. Everyone wearing masks in stores and restaurants. Going to the Accademia today with reservations and hope the CDC card will be fine.