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Italy travel Sept. 19 to Oct.4/ cash and taxis

Where is the best place to exchange cash? We leave from Newark,NJ and fly to Rome. Also, is it easy to take taxis from the airport and in town? Do they take cash only? Teresa

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Best rate: Get cash from the first ATM you see at the airport in Rome. Second-best rate: Exchange a FEW US dollars at an exchange bureau at the airport in Rome (not in the US).

Summary: Use a credit card for major purchases and get cash from ATMs for everything else. There are a few important things to do BEFORE leaving home to be sure your credit cards and ATM cards will work in Europe. Read what Rick has to say on the subject:

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We bank with Chase and are also leaving on Thursday from Newark for Rome. We ordered Euros yesterday (1:1.46 ratio) and they come in on Monday, but usually it's the next day. The teller reminded me to call the number on the back of our ATM and credit cards to inform them we will be in Europe for ten days to prevent refusals to honor the card without calling back to the US to get it handled. They said Chase allows ONE withdrawal on the debit card, then denies all others without the above being done.

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Our credit union told us they couldn't notate our file; we will just have to call them when our ATM card gets blocked! Best credit union until this happened.

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After you collect your luggage, go through Customs and Passport Control, you will be in the main airport. Then, look for an ATM. If you cannot locate one, find an Information desk (large I) and ask them. Generally, you can only withdraw the largest amount indicated on that particular ATM machine and the largest amount your bank will allow you to withdraw. For example, if you request 500 Euros and the machine spits your card out and says "contact your bank", insert your card again and ask for a lesser amount of Euros. We increased our withdraw amount with our banks before we left the States. By the way, we always take at least two different banks ATM cards. Also, both my husband and I are able to withdraw Euros from the same ATM machine within minutes. We each carry Euros in our moneybelts. Have fun!