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First time to Italy for my husband, daughter 16, and myself. We fill spend two weeks in france then have one week to spend in Italy. We would like to visit Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome for sure. Is it possible to squeeze in one time in Tuscany? Is Venice worth one day? We will be leaving for home out of Rome, so figured we would start in Cinque Terre, what is the best way to get there from Paris?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Cindy, As the others have mentioned, I'd suggest leaving Venice for another trip as you simply don't have time with only one week. In the same situation, this is the route I'd use: > EasyJet flight from Paris /ORY to Pisa; train from there to the Cinque Terre (there's a rail station at the airport). Which of the five towns are you planning to stay in? > C.T. (2 days?) > Train from C.T. to Firenze SMN (there are several stations in Florence so it's important to specify the correct one when you buy your ticket). > Florence (2 days?) > Train from Florence to Rome. > Rome (3 days?) It's an easy trip from Rome to the airport via the Leonardo Express (about 35 minutes, no worries about traffic). There are a few potentially expensive "caveats" to keep in mind when riding trains in Italy. If you need further information, post another note. Buon Viaggio!

Posted by Sam
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Don't go out of your way to see Venice for a day. Hit it the next time when you have at least 3 days. Between CT, Florence and Rome, you have a full week, IMHO.
Its a 11-12 hour train journey to Florence or CT from Paris. Look at a discount air to either Florence or Pisa or Genoa.