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Italy to follow EU guidelines

Read this on but it sounds like what they currently require...

Italy has imposed strict rules for US travelers, following the European Union Council’s decision to remove the US from its list of epidemiologically safe countries.

Italy, being the first country to follow suit from the EU, now obliges all US travelers and those who have stayed there in the past 14 days to provide a PCR or antigen test result taken within 72 hours before reaching Italy and complete the digital passenger locator form, regardless of their vaccination status, reports.

In addition, unvaccinated travelers must undergo a quarantine requirement for five days upon arrival and perform another test by the end of the self-isolation period. Children under the age of six are exempted from the testing requirement.

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If you're vaccinated, all you need is a negative test, proof of vaccination, and completing a DPL form. Just like many other countries. Not a big deal.

The bigger hassle is if you are NOT vaccinated. Best to stay home. That's what they really want.

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I wonder what that means if you are crossing the border from France and if you have not been in the US for 14 days? So many different situations!
I am pretty sure they don't have border crossings.

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I wonder what that means if you are crossing the border from France and if you have not been in the US for 14 days?

Then you follow any guidance given for individuals coming from France except for resident specific requirements. You likely are vaccinated, have a CDC Card or even a Pass Sanitaire, but I do not believe other than that, testing is required, but you would likely still need to submit an ePLF. If you were unvaccinated, the problem is not entry so much, it is that you would need to constantly test to eat in a restaurant, visit a museum or indoor venue, board a train, and other activities.

Primary concern is where are you coming from and where have you been in the last 14 days, not the country on the cover of your passport, except residents and EU Nationals do have some rights protected in the statute.

As for the added testing, in all reality, probably no one should board an international flight untested, vaccinated or not.

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Thanks Paul. Yes I am vaccinated and will have been in France for more than 14 days. I applied for the health pass 3 weeks ago on the old system and then the new system, but still have heard nothing.

It has been OK here in France as all places have taken my CDC card and I have been eating outside. Hope that will be the case in Italy. I will not be defeated by the paperwork and am having great time here :)

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I just arrived today in Milan from JFK on direct flight. I'm vaccinated and got the covid test before I left NY. The check in agent in NY did not check my test result. She only looked at DPL and CDC card. Upon arrival the airline announced that passengers would be swabbed in airport. Despite stickers on floor pointing to antigen testing, we got to the end of the line and only found a policeman checking for the CDC card. No sign of any testing. After that vaccine check we were directed to passport control. They didn't ask for me to produce anything other than passport. I'd still advise to get tested but as of today Milan is not asking to see it.

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In October I'll be crossing the border from France into Italy also. In my case via train on rail line from Nice to Genoa. As with nicolatwig I will also have been Schengen for over 14 days. It's good to hear that the CDC card is accepted for admittance to most things. The big caveat is that rules could change between various countries before my trip but so far so good.

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We are flying to Milan from Newark next Thursday. We are scheduled to take our covid test on the 7th which is within the timeline set out through United Airlines. My husband has completed the Digital passenger locator form and indicted that I was traveling with him (spouse). Some forums I have read indicate that we are each required to fill in a form - I am trying to find out if that is the case - one form only or a form for each of us.

We are vaccinated and hopefully will have a negative test result. We are taking the PCR test with a 24 hr turnaround for results. Just curious, do they accept a rapid antigen test? If so, does it matter which one?

Thank you for your help.