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Italy taxi strike - July 12, 13 …EDTA will extend to July 21

Hi all,

I know this topic has need addressed already but I wanted to share our experience. We arrived in Rome on July 10, Our hotel is steps from the parliament building and the taxi had to leave us quite a ways because the whole area is blocked by the police. They have been there the entire time. We are staying in apartments affiliated to a hotel, and to get to the hotel we have to tell the police we are going to the hotel. Taxi drivers started an unannounced strike yesterday (July 12) and it has been ongoing. Today many streets were blocked by police complicating matters for vehicles. We have used Uber Black, but they are expensive because of high demand. No way to know how long the strike will last.

Edit: Hotel concierge who is helping me with transportation said the taxi strike in Rome will extend until July 21. This afternoon we were able to use Uber black to take us to the Borghese Gallery but on the way back from dinner there were none to be had. Outside of our apartment it is full of reporters.

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I posted the other thread when I thought it was only a one day strike. I’m sorry you’re stuck close to the action. We will probably change some of our plans around since we will now be walking everywhere. The bus lines we saw were very long. We had arranged a ride back to the airport using a driving service a few days ago. They said they were extremely busy and booked already before this. I can’t imagine flying into the airport now and dealing with this. We are lucky we were able to walk (although it was a long, hot walk)

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I'd rather learn how the buses and the metro work than paying the Uber Black fares during a strike. Without mentioning the risk of being surrounded by a mob of taxi drivers who are angry because of the UBer Files... : D

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I'm sorry you're having to deal with this - it sounds like a lot of action, and probably not the good kind!