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Italy's summer

What is hotter in July...Florida or Italy?


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Can whomever answers this also speak to the relative humidity of each? That's what I'd love to know!

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They're about the same, if you compare a place like Rome to Miami. Temperature highs range around 30 degrees (85 F)....with humidity in the low to mid-70%s. Miami might have the edge though, since its humidity doesn't appear to drop off as much during the afternoon and evening hours as it does in Rome....altho Rome can still be pretty sticky!

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Make sure you have a place with a/c. If the heat & humidity become too much to bear you can retreat to the cool air of your hotel. Just make sure YOU get to control the temp, not the hotel.

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i live in miami.... i been to roma in the summer... miami is worse the rome...
rome summer is like miami winter.