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Italy's Final Four

OK, I know everyone here may not be college basketball fans, but since the NCAA tournament is starting today, I was just wondering, for fun, and for those who have traveled to Italy, what would you consider your top 4 cities/towns to visit, for you personally?

This may provide some ideas for some future travelers heading over on a trip, trying to decide where to visit and/or what new areas to explore.

Are there any small town "Cinderellas" that you prefer that many of us may not be familiar with? Are the big cities just too good to miss? I know it may be tough to narrow it down to just four, but for YOU personally, what makes your list and why?

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Anyway, for me, I think it would have to be Cinque Terre (counting the five towns as one in this case), Cortona (for me personally), Florence, and the Amalfi.

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Good--and timely!--question, Stuart: for me, it's Firenza, Venezia, Siena and Milano...but I'm a city boy.

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Wait a minute Stuart! I think we should start with 64 and then work our way down.Final four in Italy? Well that's just crazy talk!If I must its: Cinque Terre, Rome, Sienna and Rome Take Care, Monte

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O.K., for us it would be Rome, Venice, and two Cinderellas: the Val d'Orcia region (Montepulciano/Pienza), and Orvieto. Just missing the cut is Siena in an upset!

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There are 2 towns that I am fairly certain will not be on ANYONE ELSE's list. The first one is Fontechiari pop. approx 950 in Lazio in the province of Frosinone. This is where my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, sister and all my aunts, uncles and assorted cousins were born. It is remote, undiscovered and where my roots and history are.
The second is Sora a few km away but the "big"city. It is charming, alive, and you will probably find no tourists there and if you do, they are probably part of my family.

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My final 4- Cinque Terre, Florence, Siena, and Rome.
Losing in the regional finals- Sorrento , Almafi Coast, Capri and Anacapri.

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Lake Garda area, Venice, Florence, Bassano Del Grappa
I'm a northern girl, but I would love to spend more time on the coast to see if i love it there.

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Using the criteria "which places do I never get tired of visiting," my final 4 are Rome, Florence, Sorrento and Cinque Terre. Interesting cinderella towns that lost in the Elite 8 were Montepulciano, Lucca, Cefalu and Matera.

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This is a toughie, because it's all great. The big cities are definitely too good to miss. Others Assisi, Lucca, Bergamo, Bellagio, and then there's....

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We were in Italy last year,and my personal favourites were Monterroso,Cortona,and Rome.Monterrosso was gorgeous,great shops,restaurants and beaches,wonderful hotel,and lots of lovely walking to do.Cortona was breathtaking,lots of history,the best food I have EVER eaten(Osterio del Teatro was amazing)but you really need a car for the hill towns in Tuscany,and Rome was wonderful-again,great sights,great hotel,and it felt like Edinburgh to me,other than the Colloseum,that is!(I'm from Scotland) I'd MISS NAPLES-we took the circumvesuviana from there to Sorrento to get the bus to Positano,and other than the train being VERY skanky,we travelled for 45 mins through what was basically Ghetto.Positano was absolutely gorgeous-we stayed there for 3 days,which was too long.Our hotel was GREAT,location is important,as Positano is on a STEEP hill.But Positano is hard to get to,and it is very expensive,I thought.Nothing to do really other than eat and shop,but SO pretty!

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Florence for the museums, Siena for going back in time (I'd love to go back for the Palio), Castelrotto (in the Dolomites) for fabulous hiking and Capri for a sail around the island and a hike to the top.

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Great post as I live for MARCH MADNESS! My final four would be Venice, Rome, Amalfi, Scopello

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Great topic Stuart, we just got back from an eight day junket to central Italy. This was our third trip to Italy. Final Four would be Sorrento (includes Amalfi and Capri), Florence, Verona, and Rome. If there was a final six it would also include Orvieto and Pisa.................GO NOVA!!!!

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Great topic! I have been to Italy twice, returning this September and looking for the next best places other then my favorites- Rome (Trevi Fountain), Cinque Terre (Vernazza and hiking), Venice (getting lost), and Amalfi Coast (swimming in the Blue Grotto) (I guess if you get technical thats about 10 towns).

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We are watching the Final 4 as I speak and our MI St. has won. When we return to Italy our 4 will be only in Tuscany, having "done" all the other cities.
I suggest tiny towns with atmosphere.
Civitelle - near Cortona, WW II museum which kept my husband there for 2 hrs. Antico Borgo restaurant!!!
Panzano - Vescovino restaurant.
Quaint town
Montefollonico - really tiny, got stuck trying to back up a hill, and want to go back when we know how to do it.Our engine actually started smoking on a Sunday AM and the neighbors came out with buckets of water.
Volpaia - really old village, similar to Volterra, but on a smaller scale/ Good food!
Anywhere up Rt. 222.
Alieto olive and wine farm west out of Greve where we picked olives in Oct. and bought good wine. Call and talk to Samuela and tell her Martha said to call.
I wish I were planning another trip.
We are talking about going back again this year with our son and daughter so this will be a good thread to follow. Thanks, Stuart

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Rome and Venice for sure. The town of Pompeii rates high for me, also. We were there for 2 nights to see the ruins on the in between day. The town was great, it came alive at night and was a lot of fun. I also liked the town of Montone. We were there with a RS Village Italy tour, and thought it was relaxing, and truly undiscovered. Our tour group were the only tourists in town and were very welcomed. I have to sneak in the 5th as Lucca!