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Italy’s Campania Express

I recently booked one way train tickets for 4 people on Campania from Naples to Sorrento. I received a QR code with my tickets. I later booked return tickets for the same 4 people from Sorrento back to Naples. The Campania website confirmed my return tickets but did not send me a QR code. The return confirmation showed the tickets as round trip. Will the QR code I received on the Naples to Sorrento train will be the same QR code for the return tickets from Sorrento to Naples?

Hope this isn’t too confusing. Thanks for any assistance.

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Because Americans use the term “Roundtrip ticket” while Europeans might say “Return ticket,” I am a little confused when you say that you “later booked return tickets.” Are you saying you meant to
book roundtrip tickets after having already bought the first four one-way tickets from Naples to Sorrento? Or did you think you were buying one-way tickets each time? Sometimes all four travelers will be included on the same single QR code. That doesn’t fully explain why the second batch of tickets came with no QR code. You might want to e-mail Campania Express for clarification. Be sure to take printed copies of everything they sent you, including the confirmation stating the second ticket purchase was for “Roundtrip” tickets. Since the Campania Expresss only runs four trains each day, this should be easy to resolve. They likely consider that you’re traveling Naples-Sorrento “Roundtrip” even if it’s on different days.