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Italy Itinerary- Oct-November- hELLP!

Hello everybody, My fiance and I decided on Italy as part of our honeymoon. So we are flying into rome and flying out from Milan. We will have a total of 15 days to travel. i am going a bit mental trying to work out the perfect itinerary (ona budget!!) aso now i have decided to seek help from you well travelled folks the tentative itinerary works something like this = Fly into Rome (4 nights), (_____)Head to south/or Cinque Terre? Florence (2 nights), Venice (2 nights) and Milan (1/2 nights)
Fly out from Milan This leaves us with another 2- 3 days- We are keen on hitting some trekking trails/beaches - while I know we could do the amalfi coast or the cinque terre i am now wondering whether does it make sense to fly to sardinia/sicily-sort of get an idea of the south... since not many make it down there.. or is it best left for another trip? Are there other places that we should check out ..?

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Sicily is gorgeous but for a couple of days you may want to save it for a return trip. I would suggest spending your 2-3 days in the center or north, since most of your time seems to be centered there, or in Umbria (Assisi, Todi, Gubbio - lots of beautiful hill towns to choose from, very romantic). Cinque Terre gets great reviews from the posters on this site and has beautiful scenery as well as hiking/walking. Montepulciano, Montalcino are great cities for walking, food and wine.

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The Cinque Terre in late October - November is not the most reliable time of year, weather-wise. You could visit the south, or even Sardinia / Sicily, if you were willing to commit a bigger portion of your trip to that part of Italy. Are you more interesting in Italy's trails/beaches or the cities? If the trails and beaches, then consider skipping Florence and/or Venice, and make your honeymoon to southern Italy, Rome, Sardinia and Sicily. If you do that, though, you might want to consider changing your departure city from Milan. If you're looking forward to time in Italy's cities, then I would suggest that you increase your time in Florence and Venice, and if you want time in rural areas, then the countryside of Tuscany.

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If it is a honeymoon spend more nights in Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world!

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I go along with the other posters, Cinque Terre should be left out because of the likelihood of poor weather. The water will probably be too cold for bathing anywhere in Italy by that time of year. The Amalfi coast area would be nice, but not if you want to spend time in the north. It simply takes too long to get there and back. If you drop Venice and Milan (why Milan?), you could spend 3-4 days in Sorrento and explore the Amalfi coast. If you skip the south, then I'd recommend 3 days in Venice and a couple of nights in Verona. If you love art and architecture, Florence is wonderful. If not, stay in Siena and take one day trip to Florence.

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I also agree that the Amalfi Coast would be better than Cinque Terre this time of year. Having been to all your possible locations, I would suggest 3 days in Rome, 4 days (including two half days for travel) in Amalfi or Ravello, an overnight in Orvieto or Siena, 3 nights in Florence, and 3 nights in Venice. This gives you time for a stop in Verona, maybe, en route to Milan, and your final night in Milan. I would spring for 1st class train tickets in Italy, and don't bother renting a car, you don't need one in any of these cities or on the Amalfi Coast. Congrats, and enjoy!

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Thank you for the suggestions! I agree on the limitations of exploring the south. But does it make sense to go to sorrento if the weather s that bad..? i figured after looking longingly at the art/architecture it might be good to get out in the open you know.. the only reason we decided on milan was as an open jaw ticket it was working out cheaper that say, Venice..