Italy itinerary help please

Hi, I am planning to go to Italy from 17th January 2014 to 23rd January. This will be my second trip to Italy. I covered Venice, Rome and Bologna in my first trip and wish to see other places this time. However, I have a very small budget. So cannot be taking too many train journeys this time as I found that the train tickets cost dear in Italy. I do not have a driver's licence. I will be flying in to and back from Milan Malpensa. Can you please advise an itinerary which is not very expensive and does not include Rome, Venice or Bologna? I am willing to go to any place in Italy. Many thanks,

Posted by Frank
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I know you are willing to go anywhere but what appeals to you. Second, you have put on so many restrictions that is very difficult to respond. Third, the Italian train system probably is the less expensive system in all of Europe. The Brits are the highest. The Regional trains are extremely cheap is willing to travel slowly from point to point. We needs some better ideas of what you want to do before we can make any quality suggestions.

Posted by maggie
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Reeza Can you tell us a bit about what you'd like to see and do in Italy this trip? Are you looking for Art and Architecture, Wine and Food, Ancient History, Scenic views, Religion? When you say you are on a small budget how small? My husband and I have made seven trips to Italy in the past nine years and are budget minded travellers, though we balance our budget days with spluges as well. I found the train connections in Italy reasonably priced, particularly when taking the regional trans, and using the new Italo trains up North where they had many special offers this summer. Since your trip is pretty short, I would probably make Milan your home base and do day trips from Milan. Renting an apartment cab save a lot of money and being able to cook some meals or get takeaway is also a great saving. You should be able to do some interesting day trips from Milan via train or bus. Also, since you're travelling in the off season things won't be as crowded and the price of a vacation rental should be much lower.

Posted by Robert
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Will you be doing any skiing? Perhaps a visit around Turin. Normally I would say how about Florence/Siena and the hilltowns but in mid January I don't know how the hilltowns will be. It's a nice area in fall and spring.

Posted by Zoe
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You can take the train to Florence and use that as a base for day trips. You can find some inexpensive places to stay off-season.

Posted by Christina
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I agree about Florence. In your situation it seems best to pick a hub and try to do short day trips. If you like art, you can also spend a lot of time in the museums, indoors, which is nice for winter.