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Italy Itinerary help!

Trying to figure out best use of time for where we want to go and not sure if it's feasible to rent a car or just use the trains. Possible itinerary Rome (2), Naples/Amalfi (5) and CT/Genoa (6). Should we open-jaw arriving Rome departing Milan?

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Almost all of our trips are open jaw. Saves the expense of back tracking to the starting point.

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Gilda, Could you provide a bit more information? For example, is this your first trip to Italy? The time allotted for Rome seems a bit "short", as there's so much to see and do there. I'd definitely suggest using the trains rather than a rental car (especially the high speed ES / AV trains where possible). With a short two-week time frame, rental cars will be slower and less efficient, burning up more of your limited touring time. In the same situation, I would use open-jaw flights, but I'd start in Milan as the travel time to your first destination will be shorter. You could (for example) go directly to Genoa / CT from MXP, although it would be a LONG travel day after an international flight. Proceed from there directly to Naples / Amalfi coast. From La Spezia there's a direct train to Roma Termini with a travel time of about 3H:45M and from Rome to Naples is only an hour or two longer. Were you planning to use Sorrento as a "base" in that area? At the end of your trip, return to Rome for a few days there and then to FCO for the flight home. Going to Naples / Amalfi directly after the CT avoids the issue of having to get a Hotel in Rome for one night prior to your flight home. Good luck and happy travels!

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Gilda, Your trip is doable my train or car. I'd say the choice depends on your travel style. I always drive and drove he route you mention.
I would fly open jaw. Have fun, Pat