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Italy itinerary

Flying round trip to Venice end of October, I have 15 nights. My first time to Italy. I really want to see Venice, Florence for sure. Maybe add one or two more areas like Sienna, Rome or Cinque Terra? Don’t want to be rushed, would rather see the sights and have time to wander. Thoughts of itinerary?

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Thank you! Do you think spending 4-5 nights in Venice, Florence, Rome is enough-to much? Could I do a day trip to Cinque Terra?

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I would suggest that you add some time in a rural area. Three possibilities come to mind. You could visit the Piedmont region north of Venice. We haven't been there, but I'd love to go. Umbria and Tuscany would be great choices as well. You could rent a car, stay at an agriturismo and explore whichever area you chose.

The major Italian cities are wonderful, but to get a fuller experience, you need to get out to the small towns and countryside.

You are smart not to try to do too much.

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Are you locked into flying round trip in & out of Venice? If not, look into inbound Venice and outbound Rome (or Naples, Florence, etc.) Why waste a day making you way back to Venice if you don't have to?

If you search my previous posts, you'll find a 4 part Italy Trip Report covering a 14 day Venice-Florence-Rome trip a few years ago. It might give you some ideas...

Happy Travels!

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You got to do Rome, it is amazing, loaded with Ancient history as well as St. Peter's and the incomparable Sistine Chapel. Sienna is a day trip from Florence.

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Thank you all for your helpful suggestions!! It’s just overwhelming! I know this won’t be my last trip to Italy, hopefully. I am locked into flying in and out of Venice (crazy good deal). Should I for sure go to Rome? Or maybe just Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre? With maybe day trips out of those places?

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If flying in and out of Venice, don't do Rome this trip (and I LOVE Rome). What about renting a car when you arrive. spend some time in lovely smaller towns, leave car in Florence and finish in Venice. This opens up lots of variables.

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Skip the CT - weather is iffy and bad weather means nothing to see/do. Spend your first 3-4 nights in Venice, give yourself time to enjoy and relax - the perfect place to get over jetlag.

Great towns to visit - Ravenna, Padua, Verona, Ferrara, as well as Florence. I'd stick with that and save Rome for your next trip, when you can fly either in or out of there. It's too much of a schlep from Venice. You could spend your last night or two in Padua. It's pretty easy to get to the airport from there.

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I support the Venice, Florence, Rome suggestions.

  • Venice: 2 nights - get over jetlag, wander around, get a feel for the city. Take train to Florence (Firenze ( Tutte Le Stazioni ))
  • Florence: 5 nights - wander around, see whatever interests you, take day trip by bus to Siena, Lucca, Volterra. Take train to Rome (Roma ( Tutte Le Stazioni ))
  • Rome: 5 night - wander around, see whatever interests you. Take train to Venice (Venezia S. Lucia)
  • Venice: 3 nights - see the city without jetlag, visit Burano, Murano

Note: book train tickets on

  • You need to use the Italian names for cities and stations.

  • The earlier you book and the more you can lock yourself in to a specific departure, the cheaper.

  • The trips are up to 4 hours, but if you time it well and buy some
    take-away (A pizza or a nice salad plus a bottle of wine), you can
    eat lunch on the train.