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Italy in the fall

Has anyone every been to Italy in September-October? If so, how was the weather? Did you find many things to be closed? Thanks.

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I was there at that time in 2005, the weather was mostly wonderful, but we did have some days of rain (I was on the RS Best of Italy tour) and as luck would have it, most of our rainy days were also bus days, so it didn't affect us TOO much. Although it did rain most of the time we were in Venice. But I'm from Seattle, rain doesn't bother me! ;) My best advice is to bring layers and maybe a small travel umbrella. Nothing was closed, that is still part of the tourist season (the tail end probably, but still part of the season).

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We were in Venice, Florence and Rome as part of the RS Best of Europe in 14 Days tour at that time last year and the weather was perfect. Venice was in the low 80's with a little humidity. Florence and Tuscany were mid-70's and Rome was 80. Still plenty crowded with tourists at that time of the year and all things were open for business.

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Hello Boni, Yes, I've been to Rome in October. I went in 03. It was cool and rainy, but not bad. Temps were in the 50's and low 60's. I found nothing closed, but it is a big city. Can't say for the smaller towns. Hope this helps. David

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In 2004 we stayed in Italy for 3.5 weeks in late September, early October. The temperatures were wonderful (70's) and we had three days of rain- two along the Amalfi coast and one in Assisi. It's a great time to tour Italy -- all the flowers are still in bloom, the grass is green and you seldom need a jacket during the daytime. We found everything open and fewer tourists!

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Have visited Italy several times in the September-October time period. Found the weather to be very good. As for things being closed: had no problems in the large cities or small towns, However, along the coasts, the beach resort hotels start to close up in October, but we always found at least one or two still open. We even stayed in one that actually was closing, but remained open for us and one other couple.

Have a great trip.