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Italy in November

We are planing a trip to Italy in November. Thoughts?

We are not sure on our Itinerary, thinking Cinque Terre, Florence, Siena and Rome. If we do not go in November we will have to wait until May of 2024. Maybe an alternative itinerary for anyone who has traveled to Italy in November

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Why not? The weather is usually decent, sometimes even delightful, although there can be rainy periods. I would stick to the cities though, Cinque Terre is a fair weather attraction and the ferry doesn't run in November.

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A few years ago was in Rome, Milan and Florence in November. Weather was fine. Not too hot, cold or rainy. Can’t speak for the coastal cities as I didn’t travel there.

November remains my favorite Europe travel month. Fewer crowds, cheaper airfare ( pre covid ) and fall harvests.

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We were there this past November. We were really happy to be there at that time. The weather was mostly pleasant, but not overly hot. I'm not sure about Cinque Terre, as we didn't go there. We went to Rome (day trip to Pompeii and Sorrento), Orvieto (stopping at Civita di Banoregio and Sacro Bosco on the way), Florence (day trips to Siena and Pisa), Verona, and Venice. We had one real downpour/thunderstorm in Rome in the evening, a drizzly day in Pompeii, and a couple of damp, cool days in Venice, but otherwise, the weather was warm but not too hot. Best of all, it wasn't as crowded as we've heard it can be. We were really glad we went at that time of year.

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November sounds perfect for the cities, but I don't think CT would be nice that time of year.

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CT in Nov 2000: Weather was cool, trails were muddy and most business were down for the season...pretty though.

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Before the pandemic we travelled to Italy in mid November. 2 weeks in Rome and 3 days in Naples. It was wonderful with only 1 day with rain. Quite balmy for us coming from Vancouver although the locals were more bundled up. Would go at that time again.

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Because of a work deadline I have every year, we pretty much always have to wait until after November 15th to take vacation. We were in Italy from November 17 - Dec 7 in 2019. Our family (me, my husband, our then 3 year old, and my parents) flew into Milan, then spent time in Alba and the Piedmont, Florence, and Rome. Alba was fairly rainy (not heavy, mostly just misty and damp), Florence and Rome were chilly, but generally pleasant with the right clothes. Be aware that the sun does set pretty early (around 5pm as I recall), but otherwise, I love traveling at that time of year. Pack an umbrella and/or a rain jacket, waterproof shoes (I love the ones by Vessi), and layers, and you'll be fine.

For reference, I'm from Florida and love being somewhere cold in November, as opposed to the upper 80s & 90s temperatures we typically have in FL at that time of year. Lots of cities start putting out Christmas decorations in mid-to-late November, which adds even more beauty and sparkle.

As others have mentioned, I'd probably eliminate CT, or at least do a bit of digging to find out what restaurants and shops will be open. Or maybe stay in a bigger city nearby and take day trips in.

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Look at this site for past daily weather information for the last 10 years. Most cities appear. For the CT, find a larger town nearby, maybe La Spezia or even Genoa. I was in the CT in October, before it became popular, and the weather was perfect. The best views are from the ferry, not an option in November. There's not much to do except hike and enjoy the views on the trails. That means long evenings with nothing to do, and maybe long days like that if it's rainy.

Because of the early sunsets, you'll be better off going to places where there are things to do in the evenings. Most larger towns are quite charming in the evenings. And most have a goodly number of indoor activities if you get any rainy days.

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Florence and Rome are perfect in November. Siena also, but it's small and close to Florence so you can visit from Florence on a day trip.

Leave the Cinque Terre for another time of the year. Not much to see and do in November, especially if you run into bad weather.