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Italy in November

We are planning to visit Italy in November. I have heard some negativity about that month. Rain, cold and many things close? Has anyone experienced this?

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Jennifer, check your geography. Rome is about the same latitude as New York City. Water on both sides will moderate the weather temperature wise but it can be very cool and rainy or very pleasant. For someone from Tampa it may feel very cold. The days will be very short. The sidewalk cafe experience will be more limited but some cafes have the infrared heaters for the outdoor seating. But there will not be many tourists around either and access to everything should be much easier. Travel well, travel ofteh !!!

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We loved our time in Italy in November! As the previous poster pointed out, weather is unpredicatable at that time of year, and we had some chilly rain as well as some beautiful, warm, sunny days. Pack so you can dress in layers as the weather is likely to change during the day. We did not find that things were closed, although some places had shorter hours. We did find there were no lines for anything--we loved having an unlimited, unobstructed view of David in Florence and having the Doge's palace almost to ourselves in Venice. I would recommend visiting in the off-season.

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Jennifer: I just got back from Italy at the end of August - sweltering heat, but cheaper prices. I'm going back in November and am really looking forward to the somewhat milder weather.

Rome is usually in the high 60's, low 70's. I'm not sure about Venice. Sights will not be closed, just as the others have said, their hours are somewhat shortened. So, instead of closing at 6 or 7, they'll close at 5. Not a biggie.


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I'm going the first week of November this year. I checked the weather on websites and found that Oct is the one of the best months for travel to Italy, and November is a bit more rainy.

I plan to pack a light weight fleece jacket and a rain coat and take a small travel umbrella.

You can expect weather to be unsettled that time of year, so just plan for it. No shorts, pants only or capri pants. As the other poster noted, I'm packing to layer, a couple of short sleeve shirts, and a couple of long sleeve.
If your travel is later in the month, be prepared for more rain.

With Global warming ---who knows what the weather will be from month to month? May was extremely hot in Italy this year...we rode our bike there and the locals all told us the weather was more like mid July than mid May temps!

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Hi Jennifer, I too am going to Italy in November (5th to the 12)we are driving thru Tuscany,Florence,Lucca and the Cinqu Terre.Where are you going? Pack in layers.Alight jacket ,rainproof with a hood that is extremely warm.Fleeze (and stretch)Email mw on what and where you are going.We have been told that it wiil be at least 60 but closer to the ocean cooler.I can't wait for cold weather!!!!!!

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Jennifer, my hubby and I spent a Thanksgiving week in Rome and Florence a couple of years ago with our daughter who was studying abroad. While we ran into rain a couple of days, it was never cold, only cool. And everything we wanted to see was open, with very few lines. I'd go again at that time of year in a heartbeat.

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Thanks for the replies. I feel much better about the time we chose.