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Italy in March

I'll be traveling to Italy for my first trip in March since as my 60th birthday present to myself. :) Rome and Umbria or Tuscany Regions. I'm a little concerned about the weather, ie, rain and temperatures in March. Would it better to push it into April? Thanks for helping a first timer.

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Actually, March is a nice month to visit Tuscany & Umbria. The Spring rains tend to arrive in April, so your first instinct is probably a good one.
There will be fewer crowds then too, and with daytime highs averaging in the 60's. It'll be shoulder season in places like Florence and Siena, so prices should be a little cheaper too.

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The weather may not be significantly warmer in April, but to me the biggest advantage of going in April is that Daylight time starts on the last Sunday of March, therefore in April you gain one hour of daylight in the evenings.

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In March the spring foliage may not be out yet, so you may not see the beautiful gardens. Also, check on the date of Easter, as many places are closed Easter Sunday and Monday.
Safe travels!

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March can be lovely! We lived in Rome and it seemed like spring really started March 1 instead of teasing us like it does in Oregon. We’ve been to Florence in late March for Easter and enjoyed shirtsleeve weather.

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I find that monthly averages are not helpful. On the other hand, you can get daily historical weather conditions for any month for the last 10 years for most cities at That gives me a much better idea of what to expect.

I've been to those regions in February and the weather was pleasant, more sunshine than not, little rain - though March may be rainier - and lots of opportunities for sidewalk cafes in the afternoons. Another plus is that it's still low season, so fewer tourists and lower hotel prices.

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I have been there several times in March, and several more in April. Maybe I got lucky, but the weather was fabulous every time. To be honest, I have been most months, and the only time I found challenging was dead summer (July/August - was there for work, so different agenda). It was very hot.


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Not that you need more feedback on this topic, but I went in March and packed my winter travel wardrobe and ended up shopping for spring clothes. My sister bought a new travel raincoat and it never rained nor did she need it for warmth.
Also, we were there for Easter and everything was open.

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We will be there in March also, and our previous trips were April, May, or September. Best advice is to plan layers, with various mixable, very lightweight packable items. A long sleeved silk undershirt or pant liners can go under anything if needed. The coldest weather we’ve experienced was a late May day in Rome, coldest recorded for that date. You just never know, so be prepared.- or buy there ( but pack light so there’s room for all purchases for returning home).