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Italy in 23 Days - Looking for Advice

We would greatly appreciate any advice or insights from anyone on our trip. Thank you. My wife & I are planning a 23 day trip to Italy arriving in Venice on Sun, 8/5/07 & departing from Naples on Mon, 8/27/07. This is our 3rd trip to Italy having already seen Rome & Lake Como each for a few days, & Ventimiglia & Florence each for a day. Here are our plans thus far:
Day 1 - Fly to Venice & Stay for 4 Nights
Day 2 - Tour Venice
Day 3 - Tour Venice
Day 4 - Day Trip to Padova & Verona
Day 5 - Train to Florence & Stay for 7 Nights
Day 6 - Tour Florence
Day 7 - Train Day Trip to Siena
Day 8 - Tour Florence
Days 9 - Car Day Trip to San Gimignano
Days 10 - Car Day Trip to Montepulciano
Day 11 - Tuscany Cooking Class & Winery Tour
Day 12 - Train to Monterosso & Stay for 3 Nights
Day 13 - Tour Cinque Terre
Day 14 - Tour Cinque Terre
Day 15 - Train to Orvieto & Stay for 3 Nights
Day 16 - Tour Orvieto & Civita
Day 17 - Car Day Trip to Assisi
Day 18 - Train/Boat to Praiano/Positano & Stay for 5 Nights
Day 19 - Tour Amalfi Coast
Day 20 - Bus Day Trip to Salerno & Paestum
Day 21 - Bus Day Trip to Sorrento & Pompeii
Day 22 - Tour Amalfi Coast
Day 23 - Depart from Naples

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My partner and I just returned from two weeks in Italy. By far the best four days were spent at Casa Portagioia. In the vilage of Pieve di Chio near Castiglion Fiorentino and Arrezzo, this is about half hour to forty minutes from Florence. This was the best accomodations that I have ever had traveling. The hosts Terry & Marcello are running a top notch B&B. The rooms and the grounds are beautiful, the breakfasts were amazing and the company was great. Two nights we had gourmet five course meals prepared by Marcello, the best meals we had in all of Italy. Every review is saying the same and every other guest that we met said the same thing, this place was the most comfortable vacation spot I've been to. As you will read, about Terry and Marcello are like family by the time you leave. I could have stayed all summer. I definitley will return and will give it my highest recommendaation to anyone that travels to Tuscany. Thanks for a very memorable time. Jim & Dan
Little Compton, RI

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Your schedule seems full. We would elinimate Padua and do only Verona, which is a great place, on the day you propose both.Give yourself some rest time

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23 days sounds great. We just got back from two weeks and did not want to leave. Not sure what Tuscany Cooking class & Winery tour you have planned, but we used The Accidental Tourist and it was awesome!

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If you are looking for a hide away from the world on the road less travelled and you happen to be doing so in Tuscany we suggest Casa Protagioia. My wife and I spend three nights there in July of 2008. If our itinerary had allowed, we would have stayed longer.

You will find the Casa nestled between olive groves about 6 kilometres east of Castiglion Fiorentino (which is midway between Arezzo and Corona).

Your hosts, Terry and Marcelo, found an old farm house ruin in 2001 and undertook the task of turning it into this beautiful villa with an exquisite view of the valley and the hillside beyond. To this they have added wonderful gardens and a pool. The whole package creates a peaceful atmosphere that screams at you to RELAX!

If you haven't discovered Vin Santo in Tuscany prior to visiting Casa Protagioia, a small carafe of this wonderfully light, sweet wine will greet you in your room upon arrival. After a long drive and all that navigating, it sets the tone for the remainder of your stay.

Breakfast is served on the patio over looking the gardens and olive groves. A perfect way to start your day.

But if you really want to maximize your RELAX quotient we strongly suggest you be there on a Tuesday evening. On Tuesday evenings, Marcelo prepares dinner, Terry provides wine from his excellent cellar and repartee from his rapier whit. After this superb meal retire to the comfort of your room and sleep a deep sleep.

NO alarm clock required, for there's a rooster on one of the neighbouring farms that will remind you its dawn. The beauty of it is, it's not so loud that you can't tune it out, roll over and drift back to sleep.

One other piece of advise, if you're thinking of touring a winery or two in Tuscany, ask Terry to call Altesino (in Montalcino) and arrange for a tour and tasti. The scenic drive to the winery and the tasting once you are there will be the second highlight of your trip. The first highlight being Marcelo's cooking.

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You might think about stopping at Pompeii on your way to Positano and then you can take a full day in Sorrento, but anyway you cut it, your trip sounds great. You can see our pictures at;

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Um, do you guys realize that Rich's posting is from a year and a half ago? Graham revived it (probably from a search for Portagoia/Protagoia), but I think it's safe to say that Rich has been there/done that by now and no longer needs suggestions. :-)

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Hi rich
Great trip- I'm getting mine organised so it is good to see how others tackle Italy. I've found a great website to assist me with accommodation I plan to spend time staying in this type of accommodation as it looks safe and good value. Surprisingly they seem to have places all over Italy and I could do your itinerary staying in monasteries/convents most nights. I'd give it a look.

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Thanks Michael... While my original posted question was a year ago, I don't mind getting the comments... By the way everyone, we did go last year for 23 days and had a fantastic time with many, many memorable moments... Our favorite activities and locations were: meandering around Venice, returning to Florence with all of it's grandeur, taking a cooking class & winery tour with the Accidental Tourist in Chianti, visiting and hiking the Cinque Terre (what an experience!), staying at an Agriturismo near Orvieto, and staying at a wonderful hotel on the Amalfi Coast near Praiano... When we go back for our next trip in a couple of years we'll only be going to all of our most favorite spots from previous trips: Lake Como, The Cinque Terre and Venice... Ahhh, Italy - What a Place!!!