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Italy Honeymoon Itinerary--Could Use Some Help

My husband and I are taking a belated honeymoon in Italy during the first two weeks of October. We would like to fly into Rome and work our way north, toward Venice. Our very early itinerary is below, but it is rough and we could use some help.

I have been to Europe several times, and really like to discover off-the-beaten path places, whereas my husband has never been out of the country. He's looking to me to plan since I've traveled so often, so I am trying to plan something that compromises between the two so we can explore, but he can still take in the sights of places such as Rome. It is a first trip to Italy for me.

I'd appreciate any advice about what places to add, what to cut (i.e. Cinque Terre--is it worth it anymore?), if I've allowed enough time in each area, and any other suggestions. Thanks so much in advance!

Fly into Rome
Rome (2-3 days)
Drive or train from Rome to Florence
Florence (2 days)
Several days exploring Tuscany via car (how many days should we allow?)
Cinque Terre?

Venice (3 days)
If we have time, it would be great to spend a day or two in Verona or Padua as well. Any thoughts on those?

Thank you for your help!!!

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Just returned from our 5th trip to Italy. We dropped our friends at Padua for the afternoon and they report they were amazed at reasonable prices, cleanliness, friendliness. Not overburdened with tourists. If you can afford it fly into one city such as Rome and out of another such as Venice. Do not allow yourself to be roped into a flight leaving before 10 AM. Car rental in is nice, but very pricy. If you can afford it, go for it. more later...

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Good job on the itinerary! I have driven in most western European countries and my own experience was that driving in Italy was significantly more stressful, also expensive. But you'll probably want a car for exploring Tuscany, more difficult to do that by public transportation. But for other destinations, you may want to strongly consider train. CT was still worth it in 2003 (last time we were there), October probably won't be so crowded. Venice is expensive but romantic, we thought.

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Yes, I hope driving between various cities and towns in Italy will not be too stressful, and you and your husband can relax and enjoy Venice. Stay in the city if you can, it's worth the cost. Strolling the city in the evening when all the cruise boat tourists are gone is fantastic and very romantic.
It should be a perfect ending to your trip.

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I would suggest that you start in Venice and work your way south.Rome is hetic(But great) and best at the end.If you start in Venice you could train to Como,Florence,Siena,CinquaTerre and then rent a car in Tuscany(Siena) and drive south visiting hill towns and end in Orvieto(a nice place) and drop the car and train to regards.jack in Wisc.

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Me and my wife spent our honeymoon in Italy and loved it. We spent 4 days in Rome, 3 days in Positano (could have done 2), 4 days in Tuscany and the last 2 in Venice. We got the car when we left Rome and dropped it off in Venice, from which we flew home. We stayed in a farmhouse just outside of Florence (Fattoria La Loggia), and you can see Florence and the hill towns from there. You can easily spend 4 days. We are going this September and will stay in the countryside outside of Florence again (another 4 days), it is wonderful!