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Italy - Green Pass/COVID Tips

My husband and I are considering a trip to Italy for December 24- January 2. Primarily Rome with maybe a couple days in Naples. My husband is a little more paranoid than I am about booking something right now (not the travel part... the risk of losing money/not getting to go part). Of course there is always the concern of another shut down but buying travel insurance should assuage that concern.
My main question is: Anyone have experience getting signed up for the EU Green Pass? Looks like it will be widely required in Italy starting in August. Any other concerns from those that have travelled recently I should consider in booking my first Europe trip since COVID?

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As of this time, your US CDC vax card can't be used to obtain a Green Pass. However, there is expected to be a procedure created in the near future. Meanwhile travelers and ex-pats have posted on different forums that the CDC card is being accepted as vaccination proof at places like restaurant interiors and museums.

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It's five months away. No one knows what the situation will be then. The most common suggestion is to go ahead and make reservations but make sure they can be cancelled or changed.

I am tentitively schedule to be in Italy in November/December. I'm not too concerned on what the requirements are now or even a months from now.

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I’ve been in Italy since late May and the best advice I can give is stick with your plan and just keep watching the travel news. Everyone is in the same boat. Right now no one knows for sure what will happen on August 6 when the Green Pass is required to enter museums and eat indoors (and other large group activities). Most businesses probably don’t know what’s going to happen either. There are a lot of tourists here right now from outside the EU and the local business owners certainly want to keep getting their Euros, so something will be figured out, very likely at the last second (before Aug 6, that is). A lot can and probably will change before your trip, so keep the faith!!