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italy during Holy Week

We are going to visit our daughter during her spring break in Spain and then go on to Italy. Her spring break is during Holy Week and I was wondering if the shops and restaurants in Italy close down during that time period.

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Lots of people in Rome. We couldn't get into St. Peter's. If you are traveling by train get your Euro Star tickets in advance. The day you want to travel maybe sold out. We found out that a lot of people are moving about Italy during Holy Week.

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That may have been so long ago but Europe is not as religious as once it was- and happily. Poland is the only country in which such nods to things religious would be likely. It is still very Catholic. The dood thing is that there are no "my God's better than your God" displays and no hypocritical "look how much I love God as opposed to you" clowns infesting public spaces

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We were just in Rome for Holy Week 2007 and it was mobbed. People everywhere. Lines, lines, and more lines. We felt like we hardly did anything but wait in lines. 3 1/2 hours to get into the Vatican Museum. It was something we really wanted to do. At the Trevi Fountain you couldn't even move, there were so many people. The subway was also crowded. We have been to Italy many times before and enjoyed it much more before because it was not so crowded. That said, it was an awesome experience to see the Pope on Easter Sunday. Just be prepared for all the lines.


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It's good to see there are people who still have tolerance for beliefs other than their own. It's not hypocritical at all to look down on all those "clowns infesting the public square".

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Was in Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) during Easter in 2004. Not a problem, these cities are so touristy, everything is open. Was in Venice on Easter Sunday, crowded but everything was open.
Good question though, I thought the same thing.
Have fun.