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Italy- Covid border closure

My stepson, who is in the Air Force in Italy, is reporting that Italy is not allowing anyone entry into the country right now, even EU folks. The military can't even move US solders from the Germany bases into Italy. I hadn't seen that reported in the US news [unless I missed it]. Can anyone corroborate?
Hopefully, safe -and healthy - travels are in all of our futures.

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Mmmh, I live in Italy, and I haven't heard anything about that, also the Italian press agency (ANSA) doesn't report this news.

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Within Schengen's area there aren't limits at the moment, for work or leisure travels, except some areas from where is required a check-up after arrival in Italy.
Yesterday for example Angela Merkel (Germany prime minister) suggested Italy as best destination for tourism, because the conditions and rules are pretty good.
Is possible that is a US Force rule.

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Last week I think it was, Italy imposed on visitors coming from Paris and several other French localities the requirement to provide a negative Covid test, taken within the last 72 hours, to be able to enter.

I have not heard anything, however, about a complete shutdown of Italian borders to other Europeans.

I think the information that your son has has gotten garbled somehow.

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At the beginning of the virus, and up until August, the military halted all permanent change of station moves and most temporary duty assignments for personnel throughout the world. Everybody remained wherever they were. Personnel began transferring again recently, beginning with transfers in their local area, e.g., different units at the same base etc. My guess is there is a large backlog of people waiting to move and it may take a while to get caught up, but personnel are transferring again. Your stepson’s information may simply be dated.