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Italy, Bavaria, Paris in 3 weeks with 2 kids 11 & 13

Wow, the planning part of these trips is the hardest, this fact I'm convinced of! We fly into LHR on June 13th and are heading to Italy first. We want to do CT, Tuscany Hill towns, Florence, (maybe Siena) & Venice. Then on to Munich area (about 5 days) then Paris. Initially we cut out Venice but after meeting with a RS consultant she says we should leave it in- the kids would love it! Hmmm. Are we trying to do too much? We don't want to be go, go, go, the whole time. CT was intended as a break from the go, go, routine. RS also recommended using trains instead of driving this trip but I'm just not convinced with 4 of us. I'm concerned about how much time we'll spend in train stations as another respondent put it, you can spend several hours checking in and getting to and from the rail station. Then again, I can see the drawbacks of auto rental too. Any advice much appreciated. HELP!!!

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We are 5 and will drive VS Train.
Cost is the same and + you get the freedom of the car. CT,Venice, Bavaria and Paris will be fine in 3 weeks. 3days CT, driving day to Venice, 3Days in Venice. Bavaria is nice, 3 days to see castles etc.
Paris 4 still have a week to fill in. Tuscany with kids? Id look into some time in the Alps. LHR does the 3 weeks also take some time in the UK?...Have the kids been to Rome?
I have been to EU/UK a long time ago, now we are planning our trip with the kids also.
Good Luck.
PS: with 4 you can do hotels VS Apts.

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I hope you're leaving at least a week for Paris? Many people think they blow through Paris in 3-4 days. No way. Unless you plan to revisit (which many people do - me included) you need a week, at least. Also, since you're flying into London's Heathrow - how are you getting to Paris? Are you spending any time in London? This also needs some time? Since you're already an hour and 1/2 from Paris via Chunnel - why would you do Italy first? Just curious?

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Shannon, good question. We're doing England last and infact have another week there at the end of our 3 weeks in Europe. I have family in Yorkshire (actually I get 2 more weeks with family after my husband and girls go home on Jul 12th). So we decided to do the travelling first then end up in England with the hope that the weather might be a little warmer by the time we hit Yorkshire - kind of a crap shoot these days I know but July is usually better than June - famous last words! We plan on around 5 days in Paris with the assumption that we will someday go back since it's the easiest place to visit from England.

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Margaret, if you've already consulted with a RS consultant then you're probably fine. I've never met anyone who says that they were directed incorrectly by a RS consultant.

A car for a family of 4 is typically a money saver over a train.

Ultimately, though, you know your kids better than anyone else. You're the only one who can say for sure what they can handle.