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I am going to Italy for two weeks with a friend and his father. We are both 18 years old and not interested in seeing the museums. One year earlier I sang with my high school choir in all of the major cathedrals including the first mass after the death of the Pope in Saint Peters. His father is the author of the Godfather Returns and an English Professor at FSU. FSU is paying him to teach a few classes in Florence and has given him a flat to live in. I will mostly be traveling with my 18-year-old friend and we would like to see the unique and fun side of Italy. We are interested in day trips and one 3-day excursion. We are both males and do not want to be shopping. Thanks for the help JRW

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Florence offers a lot of day trip options: Orvieto (underground caves), Siena, Pisa, Lucca (bike the ramparts), etc.

On a 3-day excursion you guys should head to one the lake districts like Como. You can swim & do sports.

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One idea that you two may enjoy is a day or several days bike trip in Tuscany. You can google that and find a lot of options.