I'm planning on visiting Italy next year early Oct for two weeks. I would like to visit Rome, Venice, Florence and Positano. Please help with which city to visit first and second etc.
Thank you

Posted by Ashley
Burgaw, NC
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What are the odds!? I'm also planning a trip to Italy for two weeks next October. After doing some basic research, my plan is to fly into Venice (3 nights), then train to Florence (4 nights), train to Rome (4 days), train to Sorrento (3 nights), then fly out of Naples. Hopefully others who have been to Italy before will let us know if there might be better options. I hope everything goes well for you. Maybe we'll bump in to each other!

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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You should change the topic name (easily done above) to something other than "Italy." Everything in this section of the board is about Italy. I suggest something like "Order of itinerary" or something. As to your question, look at these locations on a map and plan to see them in a straight line. That would mean either Venice-Florence-Rome-Positano or the reverse. The airports you would fly into/out of would be Venice and Naples.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Where are you coming from? I presume South Africa. The best is to work your way through Italy from South to North (Positano, Rome, Florence, Venice), or vice versa from North to South (reverse the order of cities). The problem for you is that there are no direct flights from S.A. (I'm looking at JNB) to Italy, at least none that I know of (maybe charters?). Therefore your only chance is to fly some major airline into Europe, then come back down to Italy. Or, you can take Emirates to Dubai, which flies to both Rome and Venice. Starting (or ending) the trip in Naples would be ideal for an open jaw, because Naples is the closest airport to your Southernmost destination (Positano), unfortunately Naples is not well connected to the major European hubs. Naples airport has connections to the following European main intercontinental hubs (in parenthesis the daily flights from and airline): Rome FCO (3-Alitalia), Frankfurt (2-Lufthansa), Munich (3-Lufthansa), Paris CDG(1 only - Air France). So if you intend to have an open jaw with arrival in Venice (which is the best connected airport in Italy after Rome and Milan) and departure from Naples (or vice versa), your options are probably restricted to a flight with Lufthansa or South African Airways (both partners of the Star Alliance) via Frankfurt FRA or Munich MUC. Any other option other than Lufthansa/South African Airways, will likely imply the exclusion of Naples airport from this picture and use Rome FCO instead. But don't despair, Naples Central Station and Rome are well connected via rail. Just one hour and 10 min. plus another 40 min. from the station to the Rome airport. You might need to spend the last night in Rome though if your departure flight is too early.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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If you cannot get a flight directly to Venice, Milan is not a bad option because there is good train service from Milan to Venice. Then you could go from Florence to Positano (actually Sorrento might be a better choice for an Amalfi coast base) and then end in Rome. It's a bit of back-tracking, but if it saves on flight connections and/or fares, it may be worth it. I think Venice is the best place to start a trip to Italy, because it's so easy to enjoy without effort while getting over the long haul flight.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Agree with Chani. If Naples flight is not an option, it's better to go directly from Florence to Positano (without stopping in Rome) and then come back to Rome for a few days just before flying back home. Sorrento might be a better base in the Amalfi coast for ease of transport options, but if you are looking for an outstanding gem of a romantic place I don't think anything can beat Positano.

Posted by Sara
Mansfield, Massachuse, United States
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I did almost that exact trip in April except we stayed in Sant'Agnello di Sorrento a small town next to Sorrento. We bought a multi-way plane ticket we flow into Venice took the train to Florence then down to Rome and finished in Sant' Agnello di Sorrento then flow out of Naples it made the most sense and there was no need to back track. Enjoy your trip Italy it a beautiful country!