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We will be spending three weeks in Italy/Greece in June, 2008. Wondering what the "must see" destinations are in Italy. We fly home from Rome so have slated in three days there. We're also leaning towards Cinque Terre (3 days) and Florence/Lucca/Sienna (3 days). This is our 3rd trip to Greece but our first to Italy so any suggestions would be appreciated. We are thinking about saving Venice for another trip because we've heard it's ridiculously expensive.
Those of you who've been to these places in Italy please let me know if I'm doing the right thing. Skip Venice? Is Cinque Terre worth three days? Is Florence/Lucca/Sienna worth three days or should I skip one town (not Florence obviously). Also, Pompeii...been considering it. What do you think?
Thanks so much for any help!

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IMO you would be wise to save Venice for another trip. You could possibly do a daytrip to Pompeii from Rome. I love the CT best of all Italy, but it can be crowded in the summer (I go spring or fall). Hikers love it; the beach in Monterosso is popular. It depends on what you want and like. Of course, there is no other place anything like Venice. If you plan ahead, it doesn't have to be "ridiculously expensive." Go to and look for hotels. Read your ETBD books.

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If you have 6 days other than in Rome for Italy, we would suggest Lake Como (Varenna is a fine base) and Verona. Como is awesomely beautiful, a great winding-down place. Verona is small, retains much of its history yet is very modern. There is a pink colosseum from Roman times in middle of town square-- it is still used for concerts!

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Save Venice for another trip as it is sort of out of the way to the other places you are wanting to visit. It is very expensive too but worth seeing. Haven't done CT but love Florence and Siena - personally would do those and leave Lucca to another time. There is so much to see and do in all the places you are planning to see that you will get a taste and need to return. That's not such a bad thing! Again personally I would leave Pompeii to another time. Whatever you decide you are sure to have a great time.

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Personally I would be bored in CT for three days - I would give it 2 nights and a day - hike the towns one day and enjoy it at night after the daytrippers have left. Pompeii isn't worth going all the way down past Naples if that's the only thing you want to see and you're short on time. I'd keep 3 days for Florence and Siena, Lucca might be a bit much. I love Venice and would try to fit it in if possible, but there's always next time!