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Italian wedding May 8, 2020

Well, the couple finally made the decision to postpone the wedding in Florence May 8th. It will be rescheduled for October or November 2020. Now it is time to contact all B&Bs, trains, tours, airlines, transfers, etc. The planning starts all over again! This is the right decision even though I was ready to go. Hopefully, I won't lose a ton of money.

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Good luck to you, I know this must be incredibly disruptive. But how do you have the confidence that things will be back to normal in October or November? I would personally hold off serious planning until at the very least the shape of the curve of the virus changes dramatically (look at the Johns Hopkins website, it tracks cases globally and updates them every day. Here is the link: The cases have only been increasing in Italy, very dramatically recently. And it's not as if you could shut down a whole economy and start it right back again with no other disruptions. There will be pent up demand, for one thing, and probably a whole host of other factors that are difficult to see right now.

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It may be too early to cancel airline tickets and train tickets for May without penalty. Check each carrier's policy.

Italo is offering refund ( actually credit for future travel) for ticket dates through April 3.

Trenitalia's policy doesn't specify dates:

You airline's policy will be on their homepage. British Airways is offering free cancellationnor change through May, but I don't know what other airlines are doing.

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"Now it is time to contact all B&Bs, trains, tours, airlines, transfers, etc."

Sure about that? Not waiting to see if conditions improve?

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Agnes, this is a very good point. All along I have been saying there is a failure of imagination. People can't believe that this will reach them, people can't believe there will be lockdowns, people can't believe it will last longer than two weeks.

Let me go on a quick digression here. Bulgaria is one of these countries that has no illusions about itself. People in Bulgaria expect the worst and are typically not disappointed or surprised with negative outcomes. Unlike, say, Americans, who think they have the best health care in the world, or the best military, or the best leadership or whatever. And then are always seemed surprised when it turns out that is not true. Anyway, Bulgaria was already in the throes of an influenza epidemic. Bulgaria was semi-locked down - schools closed etc - as of 5 March, before there were any official cases of coronavirus. So the point is they started early, and have simply aggressively ramped up from there, because they don't have all of these myths about themselves they need to break through ("we'll be fine, we have great medical care," "this is a global conspiracy to embarrass our president," "the media is making this up"). They also don't have leadership that feels like it needs to sugarcoat everything for its snowflake, delusional populace (e.g. in America, covid was officially seen as a hoax for 50% of the country until three days ago ... you can't just start saying the opposite thing over night). They have implemented travel restrictions (internal and external), shut down all businesses in the country except pharmacies and stores and raided places that have illegally stayed open. In short, unlike every other country in Europe, been pretty realistic and ahead of the curve.

Bulgarian leadership has publicly said this will be a long slog, and they are preparing for a peak in September.

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cajuncarrier, has the happy couple considered having a very small local wedding on schedule, with video streaming to family and friends around the world, and then scheduling a wonderful delayed honeymoon and big party in Italy, maybe for their second anniversary in 2022?

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You know, right now I don’t know what to believe anymore. The couple is still trying to decide and make arrangements. A wedding in Florence is their dream. They are considering all of the options available to them. All I know is that I just need to cancel everything.

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Yes, welcome to the cancel crowd. Hope you don't lose too much.
Now let's hunker down and see what comes.

Ufkak has posted a good reality check.
Having just scurried back on the last direct plane Paris to Detroit yesterday, and with thou$ands in limbo, I'm making no plans for the rest of the year. We'll need a vaccine or an effective medicine before we'll be able to make plans. Once the first peak starts to diminish, people will mingle and we’ll have more peaks until science gets the upper hand.

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No way Italy will be having tourists in May unless there is a miracle. Record deaths today... more than 600. We are not sure if the schools will re-open at all now, Hoping for a May opening. But many are saying not until September with the new year.

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Ummm the OP has already posted the May wedding is off. Maybe, just maybe, late in the fall.

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The couple postponed it to October or November. Now they are looking at a Sept. 29th date. I just don't know if Italy will be ready by then but the Florence wedding planner seems to think that everything will be back to normal by August. Who knows? I guess everything is still up in the air..