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Italian Pizza Cookbook Recommendations- Colloseum Gift Shop

I was in the gift shop of the Colosseum last week and picked up an Italian cookbook, which was round with a photo of a pizza on the cover, titled "Pizza" (I believe). It was in Italian. Instead of lugging it around the rest of my trip, I figured I would just buy it online when I got home. Fail. Can't seem to find it online anywhere.

If anyone is going to be in that gift shop soon, could you send me the name of the publisher/author? Or does anyone else have this cookbook and could share this info? .....

Or if all else fails, does anyone have a recommendation for a cookbook for Italian pizzas (in Italian or English)-which includes how to make the I can attempt to replicate all the amazing pizza I ate on my vacation?

Thanks in advance!

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I have a few resources for you on pizza a casa

After a coupel of tries, we had good luck with Roberta's dough recipe from the NYT. Learning to work the dough is hard and takes practice. Thie video helped me with technique. Mine still look a bit rugged but I am getting there!

My blogger friend Krumkaker turned me on to making pizza a taglia which is much easier than the above.

And Elizabeth Minchilli has a further tutorial on Gabriel Bonci's dough, which Krumkaker uses.

Good luck!

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I have and recommend Ken Forkish, The Elements of Pizza. Not that it’s made me a genius pizzaiola, but I’m sure it would if I practiced more :) It has everything you could ever need to know.

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You can find any number of pizza guides online, but here are the critical points...

Flour, you can get the special triple fine stuff, but good high gluten bread flour (King Arthur is my favorite) is fine.

After making the dough, you need to allow it to ferment overnight.

Toppings are best kept to a minimum.

When cooking, use a stone and bake at as high a temperature as possible.