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Italian Honeymoon!

My fiance and I are going to Italy for 9 days 8 nights then Germany for 5 days. (We leave Aug. 30th for Italy). This is both our first times to Italy and we're so excited but don't know what sort of itinerary to make! We are flying into Rome, but would like to visit Florence as well as go south to a beach area (we're thinking maybe Sorrento). Any schedule tips would be much appreciated! Thanks

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Sorrento isn't really "beach-y". You might want to add Venice to your itinerary (considering it's your honeymoon) and take a boat ride to their beach resort - the Lido. That would fit right into a trajectory of Rome - Florence - Venice - Germany. Sorrento would require doubling back.

Just a thought.

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Stephanie: Here's a link to get you started in your detailed trip planning process, it's a lot of work but you can make it part of the trip research: start clicking around hereWe here can be more helpful if you can do some basic research and then get back to us with more specific questions after you've narrowed it down.With only 8 or 9 days, to plan the trip you want you will want to allow for the travel time to get from Florence to the Amalfi coast, etc., and later from Italy to Germany.

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Thanks for the help! Another question -- about how many days should we allot for each location? I was thinking 3 for Rome then heading to Florence. From there Venice or Cinque Terre for a beach. Which would be better for being lazy on a gorgeous beach -- Venice or Cinque Terre? And is the best way to get to either one from Florence the train? Thanks again!

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Stephanie I disagree with the Lido request. I stayed in the Amalfi coast for 7 nights last summer. I think you should look into Positano rather than Sorrento. The reasonably priced Residence la Tavolizza has magnificant views over looking the city & the sea. Sorrento is nice, but the cities along the Amalfi Coast are much more breath taking. Rent a scooter drive the Amalfi Coast, have dinner in Ravello perched above the clouds over looking the blue sea! Absolutely perfect!

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I am spending my honeymoon in June in Italy and Germany. Here is the schedule we decided on:
4 nights in Cinque Terre,
5 nights in Rome, and
2 nights in Venice

I personally would spend at least 4 nights in Rome especialy if will have jetlag. We decided to skip Florence to go to Venice mainly because I have been to Florence. We also decided on Cinque Terre over the Amalfi Coast because we wouldn't have to backtrack (we are coming from Germany) and it seemed cheaper for what you get.

How do you plan on getting from Italy to Germany? That might help decide where you go. If you are flying you should be near an airport that will get you there and if you are taking a night train you need to be near a city that will have a train to the city you want to go to.

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Sorrento and Amalfi coast get my vote, allow 5 days to incl Pompeii, Capri.
Venice has the Lido but big beach scene it is not. CT has tiny beaches with the best Monterosso al mare and boat to nearby Sta Margarita Ligure.