italian cities walking question

Going to the cities of varenna,bellagio, Venice, Florence, siena and Rome on my trip. I only want to take one pair of men's shoe, something casual that I can still use it at night and look good but comfortable wearing them. Will probably be wearing golf pants dark colors the whole trip. Since this trip will be mainly cities I went to a walking shoe store in my town. I tried on 2 pairs that were real comfortable. Has anyone used used these she's before or do you think they would be good for the trip. Dansko Wyatt or Ecco Boston are the 2 specific models I'm asking about

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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Don't know what model they are, but I've taken a pair of Ecco's on 3 trips they were comfortable and good for walking.

Posted by Marie
San Diego, CA, United States
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Always take a second pair of shoes in a somewhat different style (i.e. different pressure points). Remember you'll be wearing one pair onto the plane and I suspect most of us have gotten a blister wearing even an old pair of shoes but doing a different type of walking. Also that second pair gives the first pair time to air out (stuff with a bit of wadded up newspaper overnight to wick away moisture and stinkiness). I travel frequently for up to 5 weeks with a carry on bag. Good backup shoes (dark) and a first aid kit are always included in my bag and a really really cheap pair of house slippers. You know, the $5.99 pair at the drugstore with purple flowers and peace signs that nobody wants. On sale for 99 cents! Great for trips to the bathroom on the plane or around your hotel room. Those dogs are going to be tired - happy tired but tired.

Posted by karren
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I just bought my second pair of Eccos. I wore a hole in my first pair walking around Italy! I had them for 3 years. At the end of each day, many parts of my body hurt but my feet NEVER hurt while wearing Eccos.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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First off shoes are very personal in that what works for one person may not work for the next. Both Marcia and I are big fans of ECCO and have wore nothing else for the past ten years or so. Have wore out a couple pairs but they can go many miles. Over the years have wore a couple different models with equal success. I only take one pair of shoes. If fit properly there should be no pressure points. The ECCOs come with removable innersoles (big plus). I take a second set of ECCO innersoles which I change daily making sure the other innersoles are will dried and aired. Keeps the inside of the shoe dry and fresh. So much easier than carrying a second pair of shoes. We prefer the models that are waterproof for obvious reasons. They are not cheap but worth the price. I personally think the SeaWalker would be a better choice for an all around walking shoe than the Boston. The sole is set up better, IMO, on the SeaWalker

Posted by Michael
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You might also consider Timberland Men's Earthkeepers City Endurance Oxford.

Posted by Claudia
Land of La
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Take 2 pairs of shoes always. I prefer Keens but had a pair of Ecco's for a decade before they finally gave up the ghost. Two pairs simply help your tired feet and for me comfort is key. Have a great trip.

Posted by TC
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Agree with Marie and Claudia about taking two pair. The trip you take with only one pair will be the one trip when something happens to that pair. TC

Posted by Frank
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Been taking one pair for 15 years with no problems. Do take extra shoe strings and the shoes are in good repair, so what can go wrong? I think taking things "just in case" is what kills packing light but remember it was a male asking the question and male shoes tend to be bigger and heavier than what passes for some female shoes. Males can easily get by with one pair of shoes if correct shoes and they are well taken care of.

Posted by Charlie
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In the last ten years of spending a month each summer in Europe, I have always taken two pairs of shoes with the ion depending on where I am going and the expected weather. This September, I spent a month mostly in Italy so took my good Clarks AirMovers and a pair of real good walking sandals. I have gotten caught in some real rain storms in Europe before and it sure is nice to be able to change shoes for the next day and let the rain soaked ones get a day off to dry out.

Posted by Robert
Tampa, FL, USA
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Thanks for all the info everyone. Frank mentioning a second inner sole is a great idea. Still leaning towards only one shoe but being from Florida and if there is any room in my carry on, I may consider a airsole flip flop I have. Lightweight.

Posted by Larry
Pearland, Texas, USA
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I got back yesterday from walking all over northern Italy. My Rockport World Tours did a great job.

Posted by RB
Coraopolis, Pa, USA
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Take two pair and switch every other day. Your feet will thank you Buon viaggio,

Posted by Louise
Sonora, CA, USA
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My husband had two pair - one was a leather brown pair of Street Cars, arch support comfort and cushioned very well. We spent 2 1/2 weeks walking ALL over and they looked casual as well as nice. Two Italians even commented on how nice his shoes were.:-) His other pair were simply some suede, cushioned, toe-covered Tevas. He wore both the Street Cars and the Tevas for waking the Cinque Terre as well. I've heard all good things about the brands you mentione as well.