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italia airlines carry on limit

is it true that italia air limits carry on luggage to 11 pounds?

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Flew Alitalia last month: LHR-MXP and MXP-ORD. No one either way weighed, measured or even looked at our carry on luggage. Saw several people with 2 or 3 carry on bags and nothing was said to them. However, who knows what might happen on your flight!

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We also flew with them in August. Went crazy getting backpacks within guidelines ... weighing them ... packing extremely light (which turned out to be the best thing anyway) but got to the aiport and saw many people not following their posted limits. HOWEVER, I read enough about lost luggage to make me not want to take the chance. We never felt like we 'missed' or 'needed' anything that wasn't in our packs.
(Have fun!)

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Like I said in the other thread... I called Alitalia to question them about this. They said that they would not weigh the bags. And it sounds like from the post above that is the case. I'm still going to try to keep my bag as light as possible.