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ITA carry on

I am thinking of doing carry on only for my flight from Toronto to Sicily. I am fine with Air Canada and carry on size and weight. My problem comes more with ITA. The weight limit for ITA is 8 kg or 17 pounds. I am not sure if I will be able to get to that weight. I most likely wll be around 20-22 pounds. I am gone for 77 days. Has anyone seen bags being weighed at the gate. I know it can happend even if it is not common but just wondering. I have not use ITA. I should be fine for size. It is all one ticket and if I check in fingers crossed my bag will be checked in all the way to Sicily if I decided to go that route.

Way over thinking my packing this trip.

Thank you


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With weight limits, I have always had the airline weigh the bag. It has been recommended you wear or put heavy objects in your pockets at that time they weigh your bag to reach the wt. limit. Personally you are not weighed. When two of us are traveling, we may pay for one bag to be checked to work with this issue. Sarah Murdoch travel has some excellent advice on reducing weight on you tube. Work to solve this problem and beat them at their own games to make money.

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I've been watching Sarah Murdock's videos on YouTube and purchased the Cotopaxi 35L travel pack. I agree with the other comments that she has some great suggestions on packing light. I am planning to do a test run over Labor Day weekend to see about weight of my bag.

I too am concerned. I'm starting my journey from the US to Amsterdam, then flying to Dublin on AerLingus then Swiss Air to Palermo and ITA back to Amsterdam at the end of the Sicily tour. My concern is on the way back because I will only have 45 minutes to change planes and I anticipate having some souvenirs.

I had a friend travel this summer to Ireland and she said they didn't weigh her bag.

There is also a limit on the size of a personal carry-on item in addition to your bag. I might have to wear all my souvenirs and stuff my pockets 🤣