Island of Elba?

First time oversea and excited about our trip to Italy. Was wondering if anyone has ever gone to the Island of Elba? I was curious what else is there besides the Napoleon museums worth while to see? Also how much is the boat ride over to the island and which boat ride is the best to choose from. Thanks for your input.

Posted by Lesley
Sidney, BC, Canada
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The website will give you all the information you need about Elba, hotels and how to get there. Also just Google Elba for lots more information.

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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We did part of the island as the last days of a bike tour of Tuscany. Wasn't terribly impressed with Elba, the bike riding was fun, we got to see 2 parts of the island. Had a bit of time on the beach, and did go into town. Ferry ride over was quite long as I remember it as well. Can't quote a cost, our trip there was over 5 years ago, can't remember that detail. I'm not sure you need to include the island as part of your trip. There is lots more to see on the mainland. You don't mention what region or regions you plan to see, so hard to give you any more suggestions. We'll be back to Italy for our 6th bike tour in September. I can't wait to get back and ride the hills!

Posted by Rosalyn
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I don't think Elba should be on the list for a first-timer. Just fyi, I was staying near S. Gimignano last month. One of our group brought up the possibility of a visit to Elba. A quick reference to revealed that the drive to Piombino, where we would get the ferry, was 2 hours. Then another almost hour to the island. We bagged that plan. Presuming you'll be in Tuscany, there are so many better places to spend your time.