Isango Tours

Has anyone booked any tours through Isango? I am hoping to book tours in Rome and Florence and wanted to know other people's experience with this company.

Posted by Brian
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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HI Mary

We have had better luck through ( They have been around much longer and seem to have better products. We did their skip the queue tour to the Vatican and Uffizi last year and it was GREAT

Posted by Andrea
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
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Hi Mary, unlike Brian I have had bad experiences with Viator but great experiences with Isango. They even phoned me at home regarding my internet booking to make sure they had it right. Just make sure you phone the local contact number provided with your voucher to reconfirm everything.

Posted by John
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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I was tavelling with my family of twenty-one people in Spain. I booked a tour of The Alhambra in Granada for all of us and paid the $1350 dollars to Isango in advance. I requested May 14th and recieved vouchers via email stating that the tour was booked fir that day at 9:45. We were all staying in a large villa about 1.5 hours drive from Granada. We all got up early and drove in six cars to Alhambra with vouchers in hand. Upon arrival I was told that we were booked for the next day and we would have to return. I informed them that we had traveled 1.5 hours and could not return the next day due to other plans. I was told that they sent me an email changing the date the previous month. i did not receive that email and that further, it is unacceptable to make a change via email without verifying that I received it before changing plans for such a large group of travellers. We were sent away and never did get into Alhambra. I have been informed that I will not be getting any refund. There have been no apologies from them despite the fact that they ruined my family's plans for a full day of our precious time abroad and they kept the $1300.00. Their position is that it's too bad I missed the email. I will be contacting my lawyer this week. Do not do any business with these incompetent thieves!

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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John has exactly 3 posts, all to complain about his tour experience. This original post was from 3 years ago. Maybe John would be better served to do his complaining on Trip Advisor.