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Is Termini Area ok in Rome or stay elsewhere?

Hi all, im hoping you can all help me with a couple of questions, im travelling to Europe this summer with my partner for 3 months, this will be our first time there and we are staying mainly in hostels
but in Rome i have been unable to find a private hostel room for my approx daily accom budget of $100AUD- even hostels are between $150-$200, so i started looking at B&B's, i have found some great ones online for the right price and awesome reviews.
most of them are in the Termini area,i have heard this area is a little dodgy. questions,
1. should i look elsewhere, is termini ok for 4 nights?
2. is it safe to walk back there late at night
3. how far is it to the major sites to walk from there?
4. what area is the nightlife in and is this far from termini(how far to walk), we are in our late 20's and would like to enjoy some clubs whilst we are there,
if there is an nicer area close to nightlife
to stay in and does anyone have recommendations for places between $100-$120AUD per night
thanks so much Vikkie

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We stayed at a hostel on Via Principe Amedeo, which is about a 2 minute walk west of Termini. It was a safe and clean area, and never had any problems or felt uncomfortable walking at night. (Three 21-yr old girls.) I would definitely stay in that area again.

I think the areas north and west of Termini are a bit nicer than south and east - we wandered east of Termini to an internet cafe, and it seemed a little darker and "scarier", but not really dangerous.

From our hostel it was about a 15 min. walk to the Colosseum and 20-25 min. to Spanish steps, Pantheon, etc.

Have you tried The Beehive? I've heard excellent things about this place. A double in the high season is AUS$130.

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I have stayed near Termini twice, both times in B&B's and never had a problem. Enjoy your trip!

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Being in your late 20s, you'll fit right into the Termini neighborhood. One of the advantages of staying there is the easy public transit access to anywhere, but you'll probably end up walking because it's easier and, hey, you're in your 20s!

The Trastevere neighborhood is also quite bohemian, but with an artsy spin which makes it much more expensive than Termini. You're going to have a great time!

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We are travelling to Italy in May. Have booked a couple of days at The Beehive based on fabulous reviews in Lonely Planet and Fodor's.
We made reservations a few months ago and I understand that they book up quite quickly. In addition to being a great place to stay, they offer lots of direction and tips for travellers. Can't wait to get there!
$80 Euro/night

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I have stayed at Hotel Aberdeen near Termini twice with no problems. It is close to the trains and buses and you can walk to the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, even the Colosseum if you like to walk.

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Hi Vikki,

I stayed at Hotel Panda ( last September and really liked it. Though it's not one of Rick's suggestions, I believe I found it in my 'Let's Go' book.

I chose this hotel because it was so centrally located. It's 3 blocks from the Spanish Steps - so super close to most of the major sights. I always felt really safe because there are a lot of people in this area. Plus it is close to the Spagna metro stop. A double with a bathroom down the hall is $68 (US) during high season. My room was really nice, clean, and I'd def. stay there again. Hope this helps.

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You have to define "doggy" for yourself. In someways nearly all of the Europe especially the big cities are a little doggy -- but that is part of the charm and why we go. On our four trips to Rome we have always stayed in the Termini area because the prices are good and it is convenient to the station. Don't have to carry your luggage very far and you don't have to use a taxi. Most everything is within a 30 min walk. It is a bit of a hike, maybe an hour, to Vatican but we did it once. Termini is also the hub for the buses so that is convenient. We have used Hotel Contilia , Sonya and Aberdeen but Aberdeen is several blocks away and not really in the Termini area or at least what I think of as the Termini area. The others are about two blocks away. At 60 nightclubs are not on our list so someone else will have to answer that question. Also a couple of good laundries in the area.

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I stayed at Alessandro Palace Hostel on my last visit to Rome, which is about a seven minute walk from Termini. There are lots of restaurants in the area, but I wasn't really looking for night clubs, so can't comment on those. I found the Termini area very convenient, as good access to the Metro, Buses or tours, restaurants, grocery and other stores in the station, etc.

As someone else suggested, each traveller might have a different idea on what constitutes a "dodgy" neighborhood. I felt perfectly safe walking in that area, even at night and never had any problems.

I believe Alessandro has some private rooms available, but of course since it's a Hostel these will be "no frills" lodgings. If you don't mind staying in a Hostel, this would probably fit your budget criteria.

The same group also have another property, but I believe it has less facilities than the Palace location. Check their web site for details.

Good luck and happy travels in Rome!