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Is St. Peter's Basilica open Wednesday mornings?

I have read that St. Peter's is "often" closed Wednesday morning, is there a way to find out if it is open this coming Wednesday morning? August 8th? I have also read that morning is a good time to see it (fewer crowds), in planning my itinerary I was going to see it Wednesday morning, but then I read about it "often being closed then.
That is the only morning I have to see it, failing that time, does anyone suggest an alternate time to try and get there with "fewer" crowds?
Thank you

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The way I understand it, St. Peter's closes on Wednesday mornings when the Pope has his Wednesday audience in St. Peter's square. During the summer, his audiences are usually held at his summer residence , so you might be okay for this Wednesday. However, if he does have an audience in Vatican City, either in the square or in the audience hall, there will be many people there trying to tour as well. I've never found a good solid place to get information about papal audiences but Santa Susanna or the North American Seminary Colllege usually have information on their websites. If the audience is in audience hall, then I think the basillica stays open.

Seeing St. Peter's at 7:15 AM right when it opens is really the best time (worth skipping the hotel breakfast for) but I've found that lunch time can also be a good time becuase all the tourists that skipped breakfast to get there early are pretty hungry.