Is our location in Rome bad?

We found a room in Rome at Domus Aurelia, South West of the Vatican. Our walking tour meets about a mile from here, to the north of the Vatican. I figured we can just walk there, but now I am having second thoughts. Any ideas about the location? Convenience, safety? I figured we'd take a cab/bus to the walking tours but will we be better off staying in Prati?

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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It's not the best area for a tourist since you will not be within walking distance of any of the sites. Safety will not be an issue but the convenience factor is nonexistent. I'm not crazy about the Prati area in general as it pretty much shuts down at night. I would stay on the other side of the river, or if not stay in Trastevere. Whether or not you should book somewhere else is your decision. I'm assuming Domus Aurelia for a reason.

Posted by Laurel
Rome, Italy
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Sorry Samsn, I think Prati, north of the Vatican, is a great area. I do agree Kalyan's choice SW of the Vatican may be sub-optimal though. From Prati you can easily get to many places via Metro, to others (Borghese) via tram, and the #492 bus shuttles you quickly to the historical center. There are great dining options in Prati. Quiet at night can be very nice. :-)

Posted by Michael
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It's not an area I would pick because it's hardly convenient to the main sights. It is near a Metro stop, but the Metro won't take you into the center of Rome. I'm not crazy about Prati either, unless your visit is going to focus on the Vatican. That said, some people do like Prati. It's just too sleepy for my taste.

Posted by Kalyan
Houston, Texas, United States
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Thanks for the replies guys. I booked this place in a hurry and because it was cheap. But as I did some more research, it seems like this place would be very boring and annoying to get around. Booked something in the Prati area. Looking forward to Rome.

Posted by Tim
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A great trip can be made miserable by staying in the wrong hotel or in the wrong area. There's nothing quite so nice as waking up and walking out the front door smack dab in the middle of the excitement.