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Is Herculeum worth a half day?

We've been to Pompei and the Archeological Museum. Should was spend time at Herculeum as well? Why?

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I would say yes, it is very different than Pompeii. A couple hour visit is probably enough. Be aware that there is about a 10 to 15-minute walk between the train station and the ruins, somewhat downhill on the way, then uphill on the return as I remember.
I think your planning would depend on your interest in a Roman history and ruin sites, and the alternatives where you might spend your time. You could also add the ruins at Oplontis, near to Herculaneum, onto the same trip.
Personally, I would like to return to Pompeii and the Archeological Museum in Naples, even though I have been before.

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I do it for a whole day, but that is because I go from Salerno. My museum/history brain doesn't do well for over 3 hours or so, so its small enough to learn a lot and appreciate the entire site. It had different conditions than Pompeii, so it is a different feel. But the question is what else would you be doing, and do you want to do that more?

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Absolutely yes imo. Herculaneum is much better preserved and intact. Well worth a half or a full day.
There’s an exceptional Nova show, if you can find it, about Herculaneum which makes it all the more fascinating.