Is a tour guide a good idea for Papal Audience at the Vatican?

We will be in Rome end of November 2013. We would like to do the Papal Audience on a Wednesday morning. I understand that we can get free tickets through the Vatican, but I have also read about tours (specifically Dark Rome) that for about $40/pp organize it, supposedly get you im early with "good seats" and give you a short presentation. We don't mind doing the leg work of getting the tickets on our own, but wondering if the tour really gets you to a better spot and makes the actual experience better or are they basically just saving you a trip to pick up tickets. Would love to hear of anyone's experience. Also, after the audience should we do the Basilica or the Museums or do those on a different day--what do you think is best to do after the Audience? Thank you!

Posted by donna
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I can't understand why anyone would want to pay an extra 40 euros each to have someone save you a seat a few rows closer and pick up your tickets. This is basically what they are offerng. I would suggest picking up your own tickets and getting there early to get a seat and save the money for a very nice dinner. I would come back on a different day as the basilica and museums tend to be very crowded on Papal Audience days. If you have the time to come back another day you won't have to fight all the others who want to visit the two sites. Donna

Posted by Juliette
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Thanks--I was wondering if the tour was basically just providing a concierge type service (which we don't need!) but thought I would just ask! Instead, I think we may do the Basilica and Museums on Tuesday, get our audience tickets that day, and then go back Wed morning for the audience. Thanks!